Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update 10/29/14

  Just because I figured I had better post something before someone decides to hihack this spot! The following is less of a caption than me sharing a bit of my self, but I do thank all of you who visit!!!
   Peace,Love&Kisses; Elle

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"I'm so sorry, Boiz, Gurlz & Boths, Readers & Lurkers &, if I still have any, Fans! I've not posted a thing of late for the simple fact that, when I do get some time to sit down & have fun with things like captions, I do like to browse others' blogs and drop them a comment or an "epELLEogue" to show support & thanks for their work and inspiration. I also get carried away with looking for images as I imag-ine having the female body I might have had if my genetic potential was manifested as the short, voluptuous, raven-haired women in my family!

"Honestly, I am wondering if I am done making captions, as my mind ponders things going on in the world and my R-L, I find that writing fantasies of TG/TF & intersexuality are not coming as easily as they used to. Not that I don't still have oodles of ideas & tales to tell, or several projects that I owe gurlz at Rachel's & some requests for readers here, but it seems that things just get in the way more & more or I simply cannot concentrate on a story long enough to finish.
"I do not want to stop doing captions, but I don't know if I should shut myself down?!"

"I mean, what good is there in sharing with all of you a fantasy of looking like this, with my small hand holding my huge breast and my slim digits parting my wet labia as though one of you might actually lean your pretty face in here and suck on my teat or start lapping at the pussy I'll never actually have in this life, or even fuck me with a gorgeous, engorged she-cock?!
"Even if I had the balls to get rid of my balls & become like a woman by available means; Or if some of you did have a way of doing it like so many cappers have wished, I

have still mode commitments I aim to keep for right or not.
"And whether I write caps or just keep my dreams of being in a female form to myself...
"Is it wrong to ask if you do get aroused or climax to my words, or that I want you to say whether you hope I stay?
"I know I've not been great at keeping in touch with you who I consider friends in TG-Cap/Fic-tion fantasy realms, and I know that my work has been sporadic at best, but it seems that time creeps into a place from which it cannot be recovered by hope or wish!

"Will you miss me if I go?"


  1. Silly, of course you will be missed. Fantasies and dreams aren't real. But they can satisfy and calm the anxiety associated with having the wrong body or an uncertainty about an identity.

    1. Thank you, Stranger! I truly appreciate you saying that, and I agree, which is why I started captioning in the first place; To express. in some manner. the natural duality of my nature and share some of the kinky thoughts I've always harbored deep within. Not out of anxiety, but merely a form of release, since I am certain that none of us could exist if we weren't both male & female. It is such a shame that more people don't understand this as I believe it would make for a calmer, more loving world!

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, Stranger!!!