Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Slip-N-Zip" costume gun

 Not my usual fare... but, then again, what is 'the usual' around here?

 A lonely man. A lonely woman. A new purchase from the net. What could be more fun?!



  1. I like this a lot, it has a poetic quality to it!

  2. Thank you, Supergirl!

    I had hoped to keep the style of the first few pages going throughout trying to say more with less but...

    I;m glad you like it!


  3. I've read this strip several times since it was published, and I still struggle to understand it. I would not even be sure where to begin a discussion just on the story line itself. There is a coherent story in there, right? Just somewhat obscured by unusual narrative techniques? And maybe something else?

    It says a lot that I've read it several times. That almost never happens.

    1. Wow! Thank you, Zag Zygg! I'll start by taking your re-reading this tale as a compliment, (regardless of you mentioning that the story/style seem rather disjointed... I do, sincerely appreciate all comments & critiques).

      My apologies if this experiment with concept & composition leaves something to be desired... other than that Slip-N-Zip thingy, and such a lovely form to use it on. I suppose that four years ago I was merely trying out some different writing style and got too deep into the concept of a division between both of their consciousnesses being aware of themselves and what was happening but not having direct, subconscious connection with each-other.

      As for the clipped, descriptive sentences; I was aiming for the main, black text to be mostly a play-by-play scroll of the guy's thoughts as he tried-out his new cos-ray and her body.

      (one aspect of my recent silence, I suppose, is the feeling that my stories have become nothing but rehashing the same thing ad-infinitum & ad-nauseum. so, perhaps I should look back at some earlier pieces to find grounds for new & different things going forward?)

      I hope that helps to clear some things up for you, sweetie. And, to be honest, I had to go back and read it again to recall what I wrote.

      Thank you for your comment & visits, Zag Zygg!