Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The HoneymoonHers" +variations

Not sure why but, I just love making these 'body-copy' manips. Whatever theme might be applied, the concept of being able/caused to become a woman's physical duplicate is incredibly erotic to me. Especially when the story leads to her enjoying 'her selves' in a variety of ways!..
...And speaking of varieties; I've been wanting to try something for a while. The manips I do may not be the best ones out there but, I put a lot of time into them and would often like to try a few variations of storyline/theme for the image.
  Toward that end, here are three variations of story around the same image I manipulated.
  Your thoughts on which is your favorite would be delightful! As would any criticisms.

 Follow the jump-break for 3 variations of: "The HoneymonnHers"

 -"Shiveree"; A bit of homage to a 'Bewitched'-like story where her dad is the mischievous one.
 var.1-"Kinky Consummation"; Just sharing their love on their honeymoon.
 var.2-"The Pre-nup"; All covenants contain clauses or conditions... don't they?!

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