Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Un-Ppunished" pt.2

   As is often the case, the Marvelous M, of Body Swap Fiction fame, has started something I felt might be nice to add a little bit to. So, head over to her place and read "Un-Punished" before you the 'epELLEogue' below. And don't forget to show her some love for the great writing & captions she composes!

"Un-Punished" pt.2


  1. Elle,

    That's a nice continuation of the story.

    I can see you continuing the story further with this as a possible storyline -

    Kat really likes being in Paul's body, not having to lug those massive melons around, take care of hair and makeup, and the monthly visit of "Auntie Flow" with the bloating, cramps, etc. Furthermore, Kat likes her new male member and wants to stay in Paul's body for at least a while longer.

    Paul so far has only experienced only self pleasure. I would like to see Kat keep extending the swap back time and restraining the urge to use her penis to pleasure Paul until after Paul has experienced his first period in his female body. After that, Kat will start satisfying Paul's cock hunger very slowly, first with hand jobs only, then an introduction to oral sex with the first several sessions resulting in what ZZ Top called a pearl necklace, then sperm facials, and finally having it all swallowed. After that, it's time for introduction to anal. The thing that Paul fears the most seems to be his former cock in his new vagina, so that is next, with a condom being used. Finally, after Paul's begging, the penis does go between the massive melons, with the male climax resulting in spurting semen.

    Paul has to get used to taking proper care of his female body, including dealing with the stares from men and being hit on at least once in a while.

    Kat prefers Paul's male body and decides to keep it. Through any number of story devices (birth control pill mistake, condom breaking, etc.), Kat gets Paul pregnant with twins, with all the resulting body changes. When lactation starts, Kat might take advantage with "milk and cookies in bed".

    After the twins are born and no longer are nursing at each breast, did Paul enjoy the experience and want to remain happily in Kat's body, ready to have more babies? Did Paul enjoy the experience of nursing the twins enough to have a career as a wet nurse, or at least join the La Leche League (with Kat sampling a little now and then)?

    1. Oh-my-my, Stranger! You sound like quite the ruthless bitch, intent on Kat's implementation of punishment on Paul through denial of the pleasure he so obviously wants from their new relational dynamic.

      I can almost imagine you imagining yourself in Kat's position and hooking-up with 'your', (Kat's), BFF to relieve the needs of you newly acquires manhood in order to keep Paul begging you to make him your personal slut-wife while you toy with him and the thought of bringing your bestie home to make Polly your reverse-cuckold.

      Nonetheless, it does sound as though you've concocted a lifetime of anticipation and taunting for Polly. One which it might be fun to explore through this medium. But, I'll have to leave it in the 'we'll see' category, since, as much as I might like to consider writing longer serials, "my eyes are often bigger than my stomach" - so to speak.
      But, I do appreciate your comment and input, sweetie. It's almost as though you've seen some of my 'epELLEogues' around the TG-Captioverse. So, if you feel so inclined, perhaps you'd like to drop a comment in that manner.

      Thak s again fer the comment, Stranger!

  2. a great and erotic continuation as always

    1. Thanks, Wolfie! I'm still struggling to get words attached to pictures, though.

    2. oh you're perfectly fine Elle. can't wait to see more stories u make up. as well as the body suit one u made :)

  3. Could you do a tg caption chip series that you said you would do?