Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Brandon Burgled" pt.1

   A request left some weeks back. Felt like doing something a little different so I let "Brandon" get a last look at his face before attending the charity ball with his girlfriend... Or something like that.

   Been a while between posts, but r-l has been a bit troublesome this year. So, I do hope that you like what's happened to "Brandon", thus far.

"Brandon Burgled" pt.1
As usual, my favorite view is to open each image in a new tab to enlarge.

Peace! Love! Kisses!


  1. hmm interesting concept. looks like the both shared a body. neat story. wonder how the bodysuit one is gonna continue? I really would like to see more of that

    1. Yes, Wolfie. Our 'hero' does inhabit the body of his girlfriend's employer. And against his will at that!
      Thank you, Wolfie! I always appreciate your comments.

      I am also, to a certain degree, wondering how "SBBS" will continue, since, I am sorry to say, I have not written any more of it than has already been posted.
      While I have the general idea of what direction the tale will go, I got slightly disappointed with how I formatted the images in the first parts, but I'll just have to follow through with it when I am able.


    2. oh alright. if possible can u email me the first part? maybe the format isn't too bad