Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Swap Therapy; Cont'd from BSF

  "M" at "Body Swap Fiction" Made the fantastic beginning of this story and was kind enough to supply the image to let me continue it. So, pop over to her place at the link above and read the first part, as well as my comment there, before reading the pages here.
  I've spent days lost in the magical maze of M's captions, and she's been quite accommodating to my "epELLEogues" and comments under her incredibly erotic works! You're sure to enjoy your visits there too!

Swap Therapy, cont'd
 Page 2 and the text are through "Read more"

  Elizabeth let Kevin pull her strong hands over his full, firm breasts to fondle as he stroked her dick with one hand and unzipped his skirt with the other, purring, "See how sexy you are? You've a power over men they cannot resist! Don't you?!"
The woman in Kevin's body admitted to her -him -er... herself(?) so badly that it hurt as she watched Kevin run his tongue up the length of her stiff shaft then wrapped those lovely lips around her crown!
"Uh-hm, Uh-huh," she managed a deep groan of agreement, squeezed her firm tits more as Kevin's throat chuckled before engulfing her dick for a couple of passes, then letting-go of it with a 'POP'.
"Then, you understand,” his skirt slid off as he stood, “that you have no control now," he said, shedding his tailored blazer & shirt, "and that this sensual woman you see gets everything she wants, how she wants it,” and Elizabeth just nodded her head as Kevin sat on his couch to spread his legs & moistening labia, wagging a finger at his client.
Elizabeth slinked to her knees and stretched her masculine torso to reach the pussy before her with her thin, male lips, laying light kisses on the thighs and the vulva now in Kevin's control then plunged her tongue deep into her own pussy & drew it up to flick the clit she'd grown-up massaging herself!
"Yeah, baby! Lick that pussy like it's yours." Kevin sighed as Liz lapped at his borrowed womanhood! Then he rolled onto his side and guided' Liz up to slide her stiff manhood into the pussy she loved!

"I can't believe I'm fucking you with your dick," she groaned in Kevin's deep voice as her cock slid into the vagina she had known since birth, but couldn't

keep from sliding her sensitive manhood in with all the gusto of the utter-lust her new body possessed!
With his tits falling to the right, Kevin gasped that Liz needed to, "Fuck my hungry cunt so we can be at-one when you reach your self-realization, Liz!"
Driving as deeply as she could into the pussy she had kept to herself for so many years, Elizabeth's lust for the woman she'd known was within her was amplified by being the man she wanted to be!
"Now that you know what you want," gasped the man inside her body as Kevin stretched himself over his male flesh to make Elizabeth's cock slide into his pussy even deeper than she imagined it'd ever be able to, he rolled to his left side and kept her dick buried as deep in his cunt as he could! "We need to end our therapy-session the same as we started it, Elizabeth! You need to come inside of me so we can clean ourselves of each-other!"
And, with that, Elizabeth felt her balls pushing a load of herself into her own pussy as her tutor's cunt clenched around her rigid manhood to pull-in as much of her seed as he could possibly consume!
And when their sexual vortex subsided, Kevin's thick dick kept spewing its copious load into his - now self-assured client - while Elizabeth began to take control of her own sexuality! Riding the cock she'd just been fucking herself with, and reveling in the womanhood she'd never known she owned!
"So, what'd you think of your week as me," asked Kevin while his client began to move her own sex in unison with the cock she'd just fucked
herself with as a gasp of realization hit!

"I'm more desirable than I thought!"


  1. A great caption, a bit confusing thou i was not sure who was cumming or groaning (coming or going, see what i did there)

    1. LOL Yeah, Ian. Trust me; They both were!

      Thanks, Sweetie.

  2. Wow - Very sexy! I love what you did with the continuation. I bet Liz remains "in" therapy for a very long time. I think it'll be a rough ride, yet some how she'll push through and make it off the couch someday . . . . hehehehe


    1. Mh-hehehe! Oh, I don't know, Zapper... Sounds like she'll be happy to make-it on a couch... In a car... Over the kitchen table... Even in some beds! Now that she's seen herself through a mans eyes... And felt herself with a mans cock, I think her prospects for using her wiles to get what she wants will be pretty high! As will the cost of her weekly, hour-long, 'hefesher' sessions!

      Thanks for the comment, Zapper!