Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Ian Resorts to M.A.M.S. (pt.4)"

  Now Steven, (of "Elizabeth's TG Captions") is joining Ian, (of "Man made woman") for their fun-filled reunion after Ian's breakup with his girlfriend! (Parts 1 - 3 are the posts preceding this if you scroll down on my main page.)
  Pages 5 & 6 are accessible through "Read more" and both pages' texts are included for better legibility.

  Also; A huge THANK YOU to Addie, (of "TG Captions and Other Assorted Debaucheries") for judging my entry in her Three-Year-Anniversary Contest!!! It wasn't the whole story I'd planned, but... Whatever works, huh!?! Kisses, Addie!!!

  Standing taller in the heels made Ian feel even more sexy as he picked up the toy with his manicured hands and held it to his chest.
  He looked down and watched as his arms pressed his massive tits around the thing for a moment before curiosity overwhelmed him!
  It started with just running the thing along the swollen flesh of his wanton vulva, then letting its tip slightly part his damp labia to test the sensation and, before he knew it, Ian was pushing it into himself, deeper & deeper as his short legs weakened from orgasm! He knelt with a wide stance, the weight of his tits swinging below!
 "Oh-MY-Gh-HAWD! Thi-HISS-is-zam-
MAzing! I've neh-V-ver felt
so f-FUCKING good!
I'm glad Steven
isn't seeing m-
me like this!"

 "Hey, Ia...uh, Sorry, Miss!"
 "Oh-shit-oh-shit! Oh-NO!
You're n-not-s'posed to
buh-be here-ye-h-YAH!"
 "I got away earl... IAN?!"
 Ian's pussy clenched with shock and climax as he watched Steven enter the room, drop his bags and kneel. Puzzled at hearing Ian's voice issuing from the blonde, but aroused by the vision before him.


  Some brief pleasantries and a quick explanation by Ian about not knowing what happens at this resort, and the tanning-oil he used, and Steven was naked, with his stiff cock sliding into Ian's tight pussy as the beautiful blonde's male voice groaned in utter joy!
  Ian brought the dildo to his mouth and licked it so he could find out what his pussy tasted like. As he sucked all he could from the toy his juices and salivation began to coat his throat, making the pitch of his moans rise with every thrust of Steven's cock into him!
  Steven wanted to see the oil work, so Ian rubbed it on his titties.
 "Holy-COW, Ian! They're growing!"
 "That feels
SO good!"
 "Your tits, or my
dick inside you?"


 "You like your
pussy, dude?"

 "Uh-huh! You'll
hav-ft-t'try it!"
 "O.k., but I'm not done with yours!"

  Steven lifted Ian's small body easily from the floor as Ian's big breasts grew even bigger & their stiff nipples begged to be sucked! Steven turned Ian to keep fucking as he sucked one hard, pink teat!


  1. hey i said i like big boobs. great work.

    1. Glad you like the look, but you're not done yet, sweetie!

  2. Cant wait to get my appointment as well!!! ::::D