Sunday, January 22, 2017

"A Head at Half-Time"

How silly of me! It's the season for playing-off things. I'm not really much of a fan, but... Under different circum...stances, I might be able to get a bit more excited about some games!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

"DrunkDrinkDrank: Wyatt & Trina" p.p.1-2

   I hope you don't mind, Wyatt, that I have wound one of my own r-l experiences, desires and fantasies around you in this telling about another couple who were at the same N.Y.E. rave as Devin & Dave.
   There really was a person in my youth who, represented here by the "Trina" character, relegated me to the 'little-bro-zone' and whom I did meet, many years later at a major party. If only that event could have brought us anything like the magic of the tale here.
   I do hope you all enjoy:
"DrunkDrinkDrank{ Wyatt & Trina" Pt. 1
 I'm (sort of) sorry the first page is so long, but you'll need to click on "Read more" to see page 2

Monday, January 2, 2017

"DrunkDrinkDrank: Devin & Dave (concl.)"

   Just because I felt like this should end in much the same way, (sort of), that it began... As well as the fact that Wolfie, (as 'Devin'), wanted to see 'Dave' handling his B-B-C again...
   Here's the third page:
"D.D.D.: Devin & Dave" pg.3

Sunday, January 1, 2017

"DrunkDrinkDrank: Devin & Dave"

   Here, Wolfie. Something of a tease for you. You might call these changes a 'door-prize' for attending that N.Y.E. Bash

"D.D.D. Devin & Dave" pg.01
 "D.D.D. Devin & Dave" pg.02
I expect this will wrap in one more page, but I wanted to get it started on the first of the year so...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

"The Day-After-Boxing" (04)

   Okay, probably the last one of these, folks. And I am sorry for all of the assonance these have displayed. It was just such a wonderful feeling to be writing some captions again, (such as they are), that I let myself get swept away with the theme.

Peace, Love and Kisses to you all in the coming year!

"The Days-After-Boxing" (04)