Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Katherine & Nick: A DrunkDrinkDrank Tale"

I do hope Katherine over at Pink Ranger TG Captions doesn't mind that I've written this little piece around her, but I have the feeling she might dig the look she gets in this headswap I just made.

If you enjoy things a bit on the kinky side, slide on into her...blog and show her some love! I sure appreciate her work and I let her know it from time-to-time. That's: Pink Ranger TG Captions

Also: If any of you would like to fit yourself into the manip I made for this, please, feel free to offer suggestions for some variations on this! (I might do some anyhow.)

"Katherine & Nick: A DrunkDrinkDrank Tale"
(Just to keep you all on your toes be sure to read the body-text of this post between the images.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Three-Million for Two!!

   Thank you ALL for supporting & encouraging whatever it is I do here!
   Every captioneer loves comments, boiz, gurlz, bothez & neitherz; but clicking on one of the reactions doesn't give you away (too much) and it lets me know how you feel about a piece.

   The Three-Million mark has also been reached recently by Dunerre at TG Captions 4 Ever !
  SO slip on over there and show her some TG-Cap-Fan love, y'all!!!
Peace! Love! Kisses!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Freaky Monday" cont'd: "Mom's Morning"pt.1

  Once again I feel the urge to tweak one of M's tales. So, you'll need to go to Body Swap Fiction / "Freaky Monday" in order to find the beginning of this story. Then, if you're wondering where the last line of that caption might lead, c'mon back and see what I've concocted.
"Mom's Morning" pt.1

Love your stuff, M!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


  Here's a brief look at what goes on inside when I'm sitting here trying to compose captions.
Thank you ALL so much for your continued support & encouragement! Sadly, there is a reality within this caption that renders my ability to make requests in a timely manner somewhat less than...timely.