"Personal Insights" is an exploration of both; what goes on in my heart/mind/spirit, and how you might react to posts about my beliefs and feelings.

  The topics will be 'OFF' as far as TG-Captions are concerned. And I don't know what variety of 'word-vomit' or 'thought-experiments' might issue from the recesses of my (literally) sick mind and twisted soul. If there is something you would like to know, feel free to ask. I will respond as quickly and honestly as I can, (while not revealing certain specifics about me, of course).

  My aim will certainly not be intended to offend, and I will try to address all with courtesy and respect while I hope to have the same returned. Some of the content on this page may or may not be contained in images as I have yet to decide whether some subjects should be composed of searchable text in hopes of avoiding visits from those who might find the captions objectionable.

  This is my first endeavor to try additional pages, and it may take me some time to get a grip on it.

   So, let's see where things go from here.
Peace!!! Love!! Kisses!

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