Friday, September 19, 2014

"Shape-Shooter" for "TheShifter"

  I do enjoy bringing your attention to new TG-Caption blogs... or, at least, ones which I've only recently found. And I especially enjoy putting a piece together for the site's author/admin. So, what follows is a short bit of work I put together for "Kelly", who asked if I might be willing to help get "her" bloggy-spot some visits.
  So, please, see what you think of this tale, then swing over to give "The Shifter's Captions" some love.

Click on images to scale-up, and on "Read more" for clearer text if needed.

"Tired of this life, man! Want to see what's on the other side! Need some help, Kevin!"

"Relax, Kevin. The first time takes a few minutes, but I can already tell you're gonna love the results!
I scanned your new look into the gun myself!"

The text had come from an upperclassman I didn't know very well. I opened the door to his room & saw the odd-looking gun held to his head as he sat there, wearing only tighty-whities.
I barely took a step and closed the door before he pulled the trigger, pointed the gun at me and fired.
The ray quickly enveloped him and changed shape as I nearly froze in my tracks and fell to my knees while the hot blast covered my body with a feeling like I was made of clay, L.J. was suddenly a pretty, buxom woman and he set the gun behind her.

Her(?) huge titties shifted as she reclined on the sofa to watch me while I looked up from my shuddering, quaking & very horny body which I could feel shrinking, swelling, spreading, smoothing, shifting...swelling...shrinking...deeper...

...into my flesh! My crotch! My SEX!
L.J.'s male voice leaving a female mouth made my hard-in(?) wetter as I felt silken locks brush the satin skin of my swollen breasts and my smooth thighs held together under my new, flat crotch radiating a mysteriously moist heat which had its origin somewhere deep inside me.
I hadn't noticed my clothes until I looked down at my large, tan titties and raised my slim, manicured hand to pull my top down, exposing a tit, then looked at L.J. lifting one of his tits to her mouth and licking it while he reached the other hand into her panties and began rubbing.
Sensitive nipples stiffened as my hand explored & groped my soft tits while my other one slid along my leg toward the secret place of my new, female sex yearning to be touched!
Confused! Frightened! Surreal! Hot!
Feeling more beautiful than any girl I'd kissed, more sexy, I rubbed too!

"Wow! You're gorgeous, Kev.
The Shape-Shooter is really amazing, don't you think?!"

"Wh-what the hell did you do to m... us, L.J.? We're women! Well, our bodies are."

"You keep getting a feel for that body and s-ss-soo-hoo-huh-ha-hoh-yeh-yESS!, You will have the voice to match."

"I saw that gun and I thoh-thought yh-hu'd blow yUH-y-hor hah-head-d-doff, dude!"

"That's what I did, Kelly! Not the head you meant, so, let's go have some fun, man!"

Wildly erotic dreams filled my mind, in which a couple of beautiful women had taken me to bed in a threesome where I was a girl too, and one of them was a guy like me, who'd been changed. I dreamed of them playing with my huge breasts & sucking my nipples and... The sound of birds out the window where sunlight streamed in to warm my skin began to wake me to the fact that I was massaging a pair of big, plush tits and that the hands I could feel fondling my titties were my...
"MY TITS!?" a high gasp, jolting my eyes open to see the supple, sizable sacks of flesh on my chest where my soft hands gently fondled them.
I turned to see the chick laying beside me doing the same with hers(?) "E-Elle-Jae? You look so different! What's going on, man?!" I asked as I shifted my right leg & felt my puffy vulva get air.
"Morning, Kelly! Nothing to worry about, dude."
"Nothi...But, we're women! Where's that gun? And that woman we met last night; Who's she?"
I could feel that my body was not the same one L.J. had shot me with yesterday. More natural!

"It was her Shape-Shooter we used. She took it with her, along with our 'guns'," he said, leaning over to give me a kiss as we fondled our new guns.


  1. Hey Elle. I was wondering if you could bring some attention to my blog? If not that's okay.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, Eddie! I had been trying to think of a story to cap as a promo for your place like I did here. I just get a little distracted sometimes. Also, adding the "Follow this blog" gadget to your site is a start.
      Anything in particular you like to have done TO you in a caption, Eddie?


    2. Hmm, now that you mention it. I was wondering if you do sissy captions? Could you do one were I get turned into a sissy by a guy that I work for?

    3. Ah, the wonder of imagination! Anything is possible, sweetie! Main questions are; Do you have names/settings in mind? And, will you be too put-off if your sissiness is explicitly depicted by a shemale, or would you prefer it merely be alluded to in the text while showing a GG?

    4. The name for the person transformed would be Brian. And the guy who turns Brian into a sissy will be named Alex. Hmm, setting would be a workplace where Brian works as a secretary for his boss Alex. As for the text I would like it to be merely alluded too :)

    5. Don't worry, Eddie, I haven't forgotten. Just been dealing with some RL stuff and getting Hewy's thingy done.
      :-x :-x

    6. Oh it's fine Elle :) I'm sure mine will be amazing too :D

  2. Not bad Elle. So where can we get those kind of "guns"? I'd sure love that kind of fun, and well the power too! I can imagine it now, changing myself and others with the pull of the trigger. Mmm could be a lot of fun. ;)

    1. Well, Hewy, I've been mulling over a piece for you already, but as it is only an idea so far, the method and scenario are up-for-grabs. Just to tease you; I am thinking you would like an "especially stunning pair of gunz" which are powerfully "charged" for action! ;-)


    2. Oh it sounds exciting already Elle! I can't wait to see what wonders you can create. :)