Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hewy's HugeEE's

  Here's a piece for Hewy, whose own works can be found at Hewy's Hovel, which I had started to conceive of before being asked to make a promo for her blog. I'm sorry it has taken this long to finish, (and I might have an 'Afterward' page in mind), but I hope this meets your likes, Hewy!
  So, Boiz & Gurlz, let us know what you thing of this and visit Hewy's to show her some love!

"Hewy's HugeEE's"

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"Dr.Matthews, my urologist says there's nothing physically wrong, so I don't know what can be done about my... troubles," Hewy said to the stunning, buxom woman he'd been referred to after seeing his doctor.
"Relax, Mr.Hughes. I'm sure your problem is nothing I can't fix. And I'm not a doctor, per se. Tell me exactly what happens so I can help."
"Well, I'm extremely attracted to... women with massive breasts. But, when I'm lucky enough to get... intimate with a busty lady, I get so... highly... just fondling & kissing their tits makes me... unload before..."
the man explained, too embarrassed by his admission of prematurity.
"I see," she interrupted him, "just what you need, Mr.Hughes. Let's me get your treatment under-way right now. Come here," the seductive brunette told him while baring her breasts for Hewy. "Suck on these!"
Hewy was stunned, but could not resist her invitation, or hide his big bulge as he walked to where she sat then knelt and began suckling her bounteous breasts while she hummed an odd melody over him. In no time, Hewy was stunned to find himself drinking her thick milk and feeling it radiate a savory warmth throughout his body which grew his arousal with every gulp he swallowed and made his flesh feel pliable & soft as he drank-in her nurturing nectar greedily, like a starving man!
"Mmhm, that's it, Hewy! Take your fill from both of them! I promise, you'll never lack stamina again, once you have all that you truly want!"

The warmth filling his body grew in intensity while Hewy drank more of the sweet sustenance from Dr.Matthews' massive mammaries, so he pulled his shirt open to cool his sweltering chest and unzipped the fly which held his straining erection captive to his lustful, urgent sucking.
Hewy's hands were drawn to his pectorals, where his sweat seemed to be gathering, even running uphill from his abdomen & legs, and felt his skin loosening, softening, swelling, gaining weight. He released his oral grip on the Dr.'s teat and gasped at the tenderness of his nipples.
Looking down to see his fingers clutch the skin which now seemed to be filling with his sweat that thickened & sloshed in the swelling sacks, Hewy barely noticed tendrils of red hair growing over his shoulders.
"Oh-my-GHAWD!" he exclaimed, "Surprised I haven't come yet!"
"You want those to be much larger before that, I'd expect," Said Dr. Matthews as she waived her hands at Hewy and his clothes changed.
The brunette stood behind him, coaxing Hewy to stand and it felt awkward as his wider hips & smooth legs rose above new high heels. Hewy moved his still-growing tits apart to see the tented hem of his li'l-blue-dress draping over his raging hard-on and felt the woman's hand grope the plush new cheeks of his shapely ass before sliding between thick thighs of his shorter legs to begin massaging his tight scrotum. It sent shivers aimed at his nipples. Each lifted, taking a teat in their lips.

His head spun in the heavenly sensation of having his heavy tits held & the vibrations of hungry humming. A pressure built up behind his tender areolae and Hewy humped his bare balls against the witch's hand while they both continued to suck greedily on his girl-glands.
The two paused from their sucking to share a sloppy kiss, then Dr.Mattews moved behind Hewy to trade off which of his they were savoring. Hewy noted that prior to now, having access to a pair of big boobs like these he'd have already burst & been rendered limp, useless, but sucking his own breasts was keeping him so erect!
His scrotum continued to tighten and, as his balls got shifted into their pre-drop-places, became slick with a lubricious excretion which the Dr. spread onto his hard shaft while his hips undulated & he stroked his penis.
Hewy liked the feel of his nipples getting sucked even better than any blow-job he'd ever gotten, and the Dr.'s finger pressing into his empty scrotum seemed to bring more slick dampness to his genitals' growing need for release, but the more urgent sensation was in their hot mouths, like his tits wanted to explode...And they DID!
His teats erupted sweet, hot fluid as he shuddered with
orgasmic convulsions and each swallow they drank from his breasts made his cock shrink while Dr.Matthews' slim finger reached deeper inside Hewy's new vaginal orifice!

{i've never felt this good in my life!}
{i can't wait to show him what his milky titties are able to do!}

Hewy drained the tit he was sucking and found himself rubbing the nubbin of a clit his member had receded to become and the witch put his hand on the drenched camel-toe of her panties while she drained his other breast of the magical fluid he was now producing in them.
An oddly familiar swelling began to form in... no, on Dr.Matthews' panties with every pull of milk she took from Hewy's spewing teat. A feeling he hoped would never end as both relief of the pressure in his breasts and renewed arousal at the sensations in his tender nipples.
Before long, Hewy could feel the hot, hard erection growing longer & thicker as the woman pressed it against his supple ass-cheeks and he wiggled his hips in reply to what she was obviously wanting to do!
He leaned his face to her for a kiss when he felt the thing pressing at his back was sufficient. He wrested his tit from her, then he rose to his tip-toes, letting the hot meat slip under his pelvis & squeezed his tits before he let it slowly enter his wondrously wanton womanhood.
"See? Nothing wrong with your dick... now that you're free of it!"

The words rang true inside of Hewy! And if having the huge rack & voluptuous body he'd always dreamed of while feeling his pussy get fucked by the living, disembodied phallus that used to be his was not erotically surreal enough; Then feeling its ejaculate erupt inside his clenching vaginal walls to overflow his new womanhood with his own orgasmic juices while his tits streamed milk into his mouth had to be!..


  1. Wow Elle. I'm rather speechless at the moment. I love it! I've yet to have anyone make a caption for me and I absolutely love this one. Thank you so much. And you found my one weakness... breasts! It has the perfect combination of kink and pleasure. I can't thank you enough for this! It's absolutely awesome!

    Hugs& Kisses

    1. Gotta say it... Isn't it more like your TWO weaknesses, Hewy?! :-D

      I am so glad you like it, Sweetie! And I'm honored to have been the first to capture you in a caption!!! Also, if you're not too put-off by my use of the image-flip ploy for eeking out more text, I have one follow-up page in mind which should add the finishing touch to that kink element... and your pleasure, I hope!


    2. I notice that a lot in what you do, but I can understand the need for it sometimes. Feel free to continue with it however you wish!

      You are right, I left it out there and you caught it. Two of my weaknesses! :-p

  2. Lovely series, but the story does end at a point that begs for one more frame of conclusion.
    Hewy's definitely become a fave blog of mine and I appreciate this caption gift that you made for her and shared with us.

    1. Thank you, Kronostar! You're right, it does need a little something else! Thank you for pointing that out and,,,"look up"...