Monday, September 8, 2014

"BodHips&All" (contest entry at Amel's blog)

  Hey there Boiz, Gurlz, Bothz & Neitherz;
  Below is my entry for Amel1995's Summer Caption Contest. I would simply throw a link to it, but there appears to have been some issue with posting it there.
  Head on over there and check out the impressive number & scope of entries! (but please, read mine here so you see the story in its correct order.) I am certain that getting all those captions posted at once was a challenging ordeal and took a while to load.
  And do look for when voting is open there too!


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{holy-crap, what a night!} Amel thought as he slowly woke from a night of fitful and erotic dreams.
He didn't want to open his eyes yet, as the sense of being on the edge of a hangover-headache hit his groggy mind almost as much as his need to go pee did, and if he opened his eyes it would hurt.
{how much & what did i drink?}
So, he lay still, dreading what it would feel like to sit up too soon.
Still, he did have to pee, and in such a bad way that he felt like his bladder might not wait long!
{oh, man! my morning wood sure feels weird,} he noted silently as he let his body roll onto his back.
{that's odd. i cant feel the sheet against my pecker, but i still feel like i'm hard as a rock! and why is my chest so soft...& heavy?}
He moved one hand to his chest

and the other hand to his crotch, but each felt as if they were on the skin of a woman, though Amel could feel soft fingers gliding up his belly and down his abdomen to reach his pelv... "Wh-where's my dick!?" he heard a girl's voice say as he sat upright to the feeling of small weights shifting on his pecs.
Tender nipples met slim fingers as smooth thighs clamped onto a delicate hand, which forced it to part the swollen dampness there.
"OhMyGhawd! I sound like...I-I'm s-still in her bh-body?! How can..."
Amel reached for the back of a head he'd, a moment ago, thought having was only a wicked dream, and felt the silken, blonde locks, but no seam beneath them now.
{damn, can't hold it, i've gotta go like this!} he thought as he stood to prance toward the bathroom.

Amel struggled briefly before relaxing his unfamiliar muscled enough to pee, but soon felt the pressure of his innards relieved by the spray from his new female organs. {oh, man, that's better! it feels oddly familiar like...}
As his bladder emptied he began to recall that yesterday he'd agreed to help Viv test some kind of new party-drug she had concocted in chemistry lab.
The post-doctorate researcher decided                                                      "Feels nice against my
to fund her continuing studies making &                                                       my skin, but it doesn't
selling designer drugs and 'study-aids'.                                                         seem to fit very well. I
'Doc. V.', as she liked to be called, had still sound like myself.
promised Amel an 'A' if he'd help test a Oh yeah, Doc.V. said I
new formula she named 'Bod-hips-&-all'. had to pee after I put
They hit an off-campus club that he'd this...her, on. Maybe
never been to and met a couple of girls that will help hide my
who knew Doc. V. at a semi-quiet booth. bulging member too."
After some drinks, Viv asked Amel if
he wanted to get laid tonight, then put a
dose into the blonde's drink and waited
for it to kick-in. The girl took Viv to the
restroom and Doc. returned after a few
minutes, handed Amel the blonde's purse.
"Put what's inside on before you go pee."
The purse contained what looked like the dress the girl had been wearing, until he took it out and discovered the dress was still covering what appeared to be a bodysuit which felt like skin and looked like the hot blonde.
Amel was shocked, but also turned-on at the idea, and slipped the chick's empty skin over his own, male body.

He turned to the urinal, lifted the pink dress and pulled her black thong aside to free his, (When Amel slipped the suit over himself there seemed to be a condom-like sleeve where his gear should go, but once fully into the girl's skin, it looked like he had pushed her vagina inside-out), oddly-formed penis so he could pee, and once he
started the flow all hell seemed to break
loose as the skin-suit began tightening all           "No lie, b-Bod, h-Hips and ALL!
around his body, genitals included, which          I wonder if she f-feels what I'm
grew smaller with every c.c. he emptied!         doin' to her puh-hussy?! I sure
Trying to hold his pecker out toward the       d-dOH-hell-y-yeAH! Mine now!
urinal became increasingly difficult and he        How long will this stuff last?"
had to step closer until he was just above
it with nothing outside his crotch to hold.
Amel watched his flat pelvis issue fluid
while he felt his face being molded in to
hers, along with the rest of his male form!
Too aroused by these sensations, Amel
stumbled back and began rubbing the hot,
wet space which had taken the place of
the grotesque protrusion! Unable to stop
himself, Amel quickly reached a climax so
intense his low groans became high gasps!
It took him a while to recover and freshen up before returning to where Doc.V. waited with the other girl, who Amel watched add a dose of the 'BodHips&All' to her own drink while Viv had 'Amy' sit and kissed 'her' soft lips.
Viv ordered Amy a drink, said they'd be right back and left with the girl, who came back sounding like Doc.V.

The brunette with the voice of Doc.V. asked Amel what he thought of her new look then guided his smaller & weaker body to standing in the strong arms of the taller woman before laying an urgent, passionate kiss on him. Feeling their modest breasts pressing between them stoked the new furnace inside Amel's sexy, borrowed form.
Even more arousing to the boy in the li'l-
blonde body was seeing the beautifully         "Feels f-fAB-ulous, Doc! But,
buff brunette display the mannerisms &         your v-voice hasn't ch-anged."
movements of the Doc. while Viv's voice        "I haven't come yet, Amy. Is
left a stranger's mouth to order drinks           . your li'l-pussy ready for it?"
{i've never felt more sensual in my life}
thought Amel as they cuddled together
over their drinks and Viv said that he'd
not answered whether he wanted to get
laid tonight, to which he nodded eagerly.
Doc.V. paid the tab and led Amel by the
hand as they left the club. He thrilled to
the sexy, natural feel of swishing an ass
like he now had and the erotic flatness
above his smooth thighs rubbing together.
{lesbian sex, yea! hope she's got toys!}
he thought, leaving without any men in tow.
Amel loved feeling & sounding so petite & feminine next to Viv that it didn't take long to get into his panties and lick his pussy to his second fit of female orgasms that left him wanting something more! So, when Viv took out her borrowed she-cock Amel was more than willing to have the chemist use it inside his hungry womanhood!

Amel could not say no, even if he
had wanted to! Not with the most incredible sensations of pleasure he'd ever felt filling his sexy body!
"I-h-is it s-safe, Doc?" he panted, wishing her cock was bigger and deeper inside his tight-little pussy.
"Does it matter, my pretty?" said Doc.V. as she slipped her flanged head out to tease his soaked cunt.
Amel shook his head and pulled the shemale back in with his legs wrapped around her beautiful ass.
Viv smiled, pushed her cock fully inside him grinding her hips & said,
"They'll be g-h-glad you ag-greed!"
The swelling pulse of her dick in his pussy was immediately followed by hot lava erupting inside him and drowning out what she had said as
Amel's body swallowed the fluid 'til it overflowed his box & oozed out as they pumped & came together!

They writhed in blissful abandon for what seemed like hours and, when their climax waned, he asked how long the BodHips&All would last before taking their 'suits' off.
"Couple more hours," replied Doc. V., her voice still unchanged even though she'd obviously come, a lot!
Amel went to pee after they lay in each-others arms, but he felt strange as his bladder emptied. A loose, pulling, stretching sensation made his head spin, then black out.
When Amel 'awoke', he could feel strong arms & hands caressing all over his body, which was still small and smooth and female...& horny!
"Now I want to give you a 'thank-you' ride on this," the man holding him said as he guided Amel atop his muscular body and made known his size & readiness to fuck Amel.
'Amy' backed slowly onto his rod.

Amy was shaken from his reverie of last night's escapades when he heard a door close and Doc.V. call for him by the female name she'd been using last night. He realized that having to wipe after, rather than having to sit, was truly the biggest issue about peeing as a girl, as wiping himself while recalling some of last night's events had led to frigging his pussy after relieving his bladder, and he was now recovering from numerous orgasms!
"In the bathroom. I'll be out in a sec," he called, a last swipe {she promised me an 'A', but
peaking his arousal again, aided by his reflection while adding her solid 'C' may be better!}
a hair band, washing his hands & rinsing with mouthwash.
Viv was nearly naked when he got back to the bed and sat
beside her for tender & passionate good morning kisses.
Seeing his puzzled expression, Viv told him how grateful
her friends are for what he & Doc had done last night.
"Adam is SO glad you're willing to take her body, Amy!
And now that I've gotten some things out of her way,
Vanessa is the woman she's always wanted to be."
"You mean, that guy was... my male body is..."
Amy remembered seeing Viv & the she-
male return from the bathroom, but...
his mouth dropped open, eyes wide.
Doc.V. giggled as she pulled off her
panties to let the penis now standing
erect above her pussy spring free.
"Isn't BodHips&All fantastic stuff?

Let me thank you for helping test it!" (the end?)


  1. Very interesting. I really like the concept of the change that takes place for all of them. The interaction between them was a little hard to follow from time to time, but still nice none the less. Best of luck to you on the caption contest! I'll have to keep my eyes out for it next time around. You wouldn't mind a little extra competition, right? ;)

    1. Thank you, Hewy! I truly appreciate your comment & critique. And considering the "Theme" of the contest I submitted it to, I truly missed the boat.

      By all means, keep your eyes peeled for contests to enter your pieces into, but I only threw my hat into this ring in response to the hosts invitation. I pretty-much gave up on feeling competitive about my caps some time ago. They're an art form, after all, and as such are subject to the tastes & whims of those judging. Still, If the mood hits, I'll welcome invitations for comparison!

    2. They really can be an art form, and you are right. Much like I've heard it before, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one individual enjoys, another might dislike. We just create what we think is enjoyable, and that's the important part. :) Keep up the good work.