Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Back to Work...NOT!"

   I'll let this piece speak for itself. Peace,Love&Kisses!!!

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   "Back to work, baby. It's the Tuesday after Labor Day," I told my wife 
as I stood on the stairway landing in my three-piece business suit.
She had asked where I thought I was going, and after my answer,
she replied, "NOT! We're staying home this week, in bed together!"
I smiled from ear-to-ear and descended one step. By the time my
feet were both planted my clothes were evaporating- shoes to
necktie -leaving me naked, holding only the handle of my briefcase.
My manhood rising to attention, I took the next step and felt my
body hair vanish, leaving smooth, soft skin behind while my scalp &
face tingled as platinum locks cascaded over my shoulders and my
eyes fluttered to the feeling of makeup appearing on my new face.
The third step brought a tender, swelling sensation to my nipples
as my pecs grew soft & round to sway heavily from my chest while
I felt my hips broaden to support my expanded, plusher ass-cheeks.
Step four was the kicker! My sack shriveled to send my balls back
into their prepubescent position while they took the form of female
labia and all the sensations of my cock became concentrated in its
head, with every shrinking inch turning inside-out, to send a wet &
velvety channel into my abdomen until my manhood was ALL-woman!

Another step sent my head reeling as vertigo surrounded my whole
body while I "fell" from my normal 6'-2" height to become a shorter,
more voluptuous sexpot than my wife's 5'-7" frame, to about 5'-0"
My hot ass hit the cold marble to send shock-waves through all my
newly redistributed fatty-tissues- especially my big, soft titties -so
I reached to grab their masses with my manicured hands, which is
when I found my briefcase handle had turned into a vibrator for me.
I let a giggle escape my glossy lips and squeezed one teat while I
ran the toy along my moist vulva and watched my wife snap a pic of
me with her phone saying, "Five more steps, darling! Or, you done?"
She took more pics as she stepped past the stair and I posed for
her, switching hands with the vibe and letting barely part my pussy.
"I'm good for now, baby," my sultry voice echoed through the foyer,
"since you seem to like what you see! We'll save one for each day."
"That sounds like fun! Up to bed and I'll bring us breakfast shortly."
I pranced eagerly up the stairs loving the feel of my curvy body as
it jiggled & swayed with each step! Her 'stair-cation cantation' was
fun last time, when I ran right down and became a live, double-head-
dildo. Can't wait to find out what my last step will bring us this year!

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