Friday, October 11, 2013

Suitably Entrapped p.5

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and here is P. 5

 "Sure, Deb! And, you might as well call me Marty, since you're trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me and all!" he said, looking around for the bar, or liquor cabinet to pour drinks.
 "Above the kitchen pass-through," I informed him before draining the remainder of my old, glass. "And pour 'em strong. This situation is... awkward for me, as you might not find too surprising."
  I watched him walk around to the kitchen side and hardly noticed myself folding my left leg into my newly-formed female crotch, until the heel easily reached the hot nakedness of my genitalia. If I was acutely aware of anything, it was the unexpected non-intoxication -or, not reduced tolerance, is more accurate- that this form seemed to have after I finished a cocktail I doubt 'Tisha' could have.
  Without a definite plan, and being much weaker with a girl's body, I'd wait for his guard to drop.

                        "You know, Deb, my Dad's not gonna
                     hurt you. And neither am I, so relax!"
                                    {why the hell do I believe him? i don't even know the kid!}
                                    "Somehow, I'm not convinced of that, Marty. Can you prove it?"
                                  {i bet you'd screw the daylights outta this little snatch i have now!
                                   stop-it, Alan! it's bad enough you want to play with it...}
                "He could have just killed you,
                but I offered an alternative."        
                 "And it's such a unique
                one!"{it really is!} "I'm
                the main-squeeze of a
                mafioso's kid, oh-JOY!"
                 "Okay, if you'd like. But it
                wasn't part of my plan."
                "ghihih-Yeah, right."

  Noticing how comfortable it felt for my leg to fold against itself & the way my labia pressed under me while my hips accommodated sitting in this position, I was captivated by the rounded, sensuous curves of my calf bulging in contact with my thigh, their smooth surfaces begging to be touched. My left hand traced the soft surfaces of skin along the cleft between them, toward the newer, warmer cleft beneath my altered flesh -my marvelous & mysteriously moist maleless mound of womanhood- which beckoned my fingers to journey, as a corps of discovery, through territories yet uncharted.
  I cooed silently as manicured nails lit wildfires of gooseflesh which swept across the great planes of my skin & the cauldron deep beneath the surface built 'anthro-thermal' pressures of molten lust in need of release -a bubbling magma chamber, threatening to envelope man in its violent eruption! I sought further, leaning back slightly, my fingers surveyed the rolling hills of Venus Mons, a narrow promontory secluded in the vale between, veiled in the slick, warm mist of my unnatural hot-spring.


  1. nice picture but can not read the story around the picture even enlarged

    1. Here, Stranger, see if this helps. :)


  2. If anyone has read this far into this amazing story, you can find the debaucherous conclusion here!

    Thank you so much for fulfilling this request, Elle :) <3

    1. Well, Addie, I just noticed that p.1 has moved into 2nd place on the 'Popular Posts' list here. And remember, there will be more to this tale.

      You ar most welcome, hon!!! Glad you like it and I'm sorry for the confusion.
      ){*}( , <3 & :xXx