Friday, September 27, 2013

"Suitably Entrapped" a tale I began as a request for ADdie of TG Captions and Other Assorted Debaucheries. I'll get the balls rolling -oops- by posting the first page of it here, then link to her spot when more are posted there. I must have failed to communicate my plan, or she is expecting the next chapter to be done before posting the first there. There's also that pesky tendency I have of occasionally making really BIG images/file-sizes.
  So, all that rambling aside, here's the first page of a body-suit caption request from ADdie.
"Suitably Entrapped"


  1. I was just waiting for you to fix the last page (I think there was something about some lines of text being too hard to read) and you never got back to me (althought admittedly I don't check my email much). Afterwards I was going to post all the pages to my blog.

    I suppose communication is key! Haha :) I do love this caption though, all 6 pages of it, thank you so much darling!

    1. Oh-hell! OOPS! I must be showing my bimboy-side, ADdie! I'm SO sorry dear, I had worked on it but never sent it.
      I'll probably need a spanking from someone -or two- for being such a space-cadet! How em-bare-ass-ing is that!?!
      The revision is on its way, ADdie, so let me know if its okay. I'm not loving that the one page has an odd look, though.