Monday, September 30, 2013

Low-Key Me-Time IncognitHer

  Well, seeing these pics just screamed something like, "Loki's day off", or ON... the other team, maybe?! One thing is certain though, ANYONE would surely be a horny-little-devil in a body like this!!! And be sure to check out Loki's Tg-Captions too!!
  Hope you like it, Loki!!!


  1. Replies
    1. YEA!!! Thank you, Donna!

      Tell me, sweetie, what could a twisted sort like me do for(with) a FOX like you?! Ask, and ye sha-ah, may... get what you want/wish/would like! Or even something more twisted!


    2. What a delicious offer!

      I had a little think about this and came up with two things that might work :)

      It's fair to say I don't have a slutty bone in my body and I know my other half wishes I was a bit more adventurous. I may need to be corrupted!

      Or I've always wondered what it's like to be a dumb little blonde bimbo. If some day all my thoughts just fell from my head and all I had left to get by in life was my body.

      I'd looove to know how you'd change me :)

  2. Who's the model in this AWESOME cap?!

    1. I believe her name is Talia Shepard, Stranger.

      And, Thank You!!! :xXx