Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Suitably Entrapped, p.3"

  In a bit of back-&-forth with a caption I did by request for "Addie" at TG Captions & Other Assorted Debaucheries, (and a misunderstanding/brain-fart on my part), here is page 3.
  Page 1 is here. and page 2 is at Addies blog, here.

  It was intended that I'd compose it and Addie would post it on her site, but I had a mental lapse and wound up putting page one on my blog, so, once I fixed the issue, we decided to try posting it like this. So please, bear with us!
 "Suitably Entrapped, p.3"

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  1. Anyone awaiting page 4 can find it here!