Friday, August 30, 2013

Out to Dinner (a new chapter of LickHerWishStick)

  Since trying to post this at Rachel's haven is giving me more grief than I care to express...

  Well, Wendy, as it would be hardly fitting to leave a tale dangling after getting all done up for dinner, I thought it only right to compose something of you and 'Ms. Mattie' beginning your mission to "spread-the-love" as it were. So, toward that end, I present the following chapter of the LickHerWishStick story-line.
  As ever, every end is but a potential for beginning something else. And since, in the realm of TG-Captions wishes are vehicles, one need not beg for a ride or being ridden. Thus, if you've particular wishes of where this ride would go from here, do feel at liberty to make such known to me, Wendy-Darling! [excited]

Previous parts can be found here: Part 1, Pt.1 Continued, Pt.1 Concludes

   Love Kissing Pieces!!! [smooch3]
"Ms. Mattie Ma'am Zelle"
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  1. Crimeney..

    There's no let up there? Couldn't you ease up on the poor fella'? He was just doing his job. But, I can understand how someone would lose focus..

    I'd certainly say yes to an evening alone with lil' Ma'am Zelle. n_n

    Cracking stuff!

    1. "'l Ma'am Zelle."? might like to arrange that, Leandra.

      Of course, after giving a fella a show like this, he'll surely be left with a lass-ting taste for sharing his new focus!

      I truly appreciate your comments, Leandra!