Monday, June 24, 2013

"LickHerWish-Stick" pt.1 Conclusion

  Among the serials I have been composing for a few Havenettes is this one for Wendygirl. In the pages that follow, we see Ma'am Zelle get them both ready for an evening out in search of other guys who might benefit from the newly acquired power of making wishes come... true.

  Part 1 , Part 1, continued 

  Between the time I started this tale and its most recent pages the maximum file size allowed at The Haven was reduced by half, which is why these, and other projects for the gurlz there have a differnt sort of layout than earlier pieces.

Along with an 'intermission' paged which I wrote in response to one of Wendy's comments, here;s the remainder of part 1 of "LickHerWish-Stick"

"Face It" (intermission)
"pt.1, Concl."
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