Monday, February 25, 2013

Variables 101

  Here is a little exercise for Chel, who mentioned something about math and its potential for exploring a variety of potentialities in the cosmic structure of things... and people. Or, that is how I'll describe it without going into much greater detail.
  It is probably too much trouble for reaching the punchline, but, if nothing else, there's some nice scenery along the way!?!


  His calculations had been doodles, really. Just some scribbling on cocktail napkins at the favorite pub of most of the geeks on campus. You know, the ones who weren't in the cliques of the rich & beautiful or among the most handsome of the jocks. The guys who lacked certain social graces or were just too shy to feel comfortable in a crowd.

  Anyhow, Ben had been wrapping his noodle around some theories about quantum state fluctuations and the transposition of sub-atomic particles through time/space when he started to wonder about the fundamental variability of supposed constants.
  He could not get away from the idea that, since the speed of light could vary over time or in proximity to a field or a massive object, other constants should be adjustable too.
  Working from the assumption that all things and times are defined in some equation or formula, Ben experimented with substituting variables and, when the 'Bud' he had ordered suddenly became a 'Beck's' after he recalculated its quantum state... Ben put it away quickly -he had only paid for a domestic- and left with his beer-coaster-calc.

  Thrilled with this discovery -and the chance to have an import on his budget- Ben got back to his room ready to try something more... profound! He thought that some new physical trait might make a perfect example, so he hurriedly computed some changes.
  Nothing seemed to happen for a few minutes, but as the need to expel the beer got to the point of urgency, he stood to head for the head... time caught up with his variation.
  The rest of the cosmos seemed to freeze around him as Ben slowly moved like he was in a vat of molasses. His body felt 'fuzzy' and 'out of focus' while his mind grabbed-on to the idea that he was being reiterated at the quantum scale. He could not breathe as his chest rose and fell on the peak and trough of each wave of the e.m. spectrum as it passed through his physical mass, less
fall in their wake leaving more flesh
behind them and in front of him. He
had to shed his khakis when his hips
began to widen and his ass swelled to
a roundness that many women envy,
while his jockey briefs became jock-
less with the retreat of his testicles in
to his body and the reduction of his
penis to form a tender nub atop the
remnant of his scrotum as it flattened
and parted into the delicate folds at
the entrance of the rapidly churning
vortex winding in behind a new vulva.
  His slender digits slid under the
waist of damp-crotched panties and
Ben heard the blood-flow in his ears
replaced by a low, slow groan which
rose in pitch as time and matter got
back into sync with each other in the
final nano-seconds of reiteration.
  The glasses on his face, framed by
long, silken locks, revealed the ample
bust below his, now beautiful face &
graceful neck, when his eyes opened.
  He wracked his brain to recall if his
variable substitution had included a function of temporal limit to his experiencing this female version of his body but, distracted with wrapping his mind -and hands- around the rack adorning his chest, 'Chelsea' -he decided to call herself- proved to be more of a lightweight than he had been, and this was the result of deriving while intoxicated.


  1. I love it. And feminizing a beer? Great!

    1. Or, how about a beer that feminizes?

      (an image I initially composed for a photomanip contest.)

      :X Thanks, Helena!!!

    2. That one is great as well. I'll drink to that, as soon as I'm sure I don't have to work, or drive.

  2. "Deriving when intoxicated!" Brilliant!

    And I love the fact that physicists are catching up with what the mystics have know all along: It is all a dream within a dream within a dream.

    1. :D Glad you like it, Rebecca! (though, I'm sure I heard it elsewhere, long ago)

      Alas, some dreams are so much more than our 'realities' will ever become! And all things are theoretically possible, whether they be actually probable is a different state of matter!

      Thank you for your visit and comment, Ms. Molay!