Saturday, February 23, 2013

Helena; An Introduction

  Here is something I put together for Helena, who has commented on several of my works here, as well as other TG-Caption blogs. She decided to join the throng (thong?) at Rachel's Haven, so this is my 'welcome to the neighborhood' present to her, inspired by something she said in her introduction.

  I look forward to more exchanges with you, darling, and hope that you are feeling free and comfy with the all gurlz' warm welcomes!!  ;-x
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  Harm had taken advantage of the early spring to go for a hike in the hills. He had been particularly introspective this winter, and even his favorite music could not shake his mind from thoughts which had been weighing on him in recent months.

  The day was beautiful and the trail, while easier than the climbs he enjoyed most, set a calm in his spirit and seemed to be his alone. He walked the woods dreaming of his youth and the giddy play he used to share with his sisters. Their clothes, and how wonderful they felt against his skin. How pretty he looked in makeup, before the roughness of whiskers began to impede its application, and the freedom he felt...

  Something caught his eye. At the stump of a tree felled long ago, he noticed what looked like a string of wooden beads. Harm sat on the stump and reached between his feet to pick them up, only to discover the necklace carried a large medallion. It looked part blossom and part Celtic knot as he removed the ages of dirt caked on it.

  Excitement filled him as he cleaned it, wondering how it had come to lay here or who might have lost such a charming thing, and what he might wear it with if he...
  Slipping it over his head sent a thrilling shiver through his entire being and his skin warmed to the chill that razed the hair from his skin while a rippling surged in his chest with each breath he drew, tightening in his shirt, which he unbuttoned for comfort as it merged with his cargo shorts to become a single garment. A sensuous warmth swelled inward at his groin and erections rose atop gorgeous globes of tit-flesh in reply to silken locks teasing about their junction with his chest as Harm watched his hikers become pumps adorning much smaller feet than those which had borne him here, now under shorter legs, wider hips and a rounder, plusher ass.

  Joy and pleasure filled him with a new sense of freedom and fulfillment as he got into a squatting position on the stump and reveled in the feeling of his smooth skin and the moist warmth which had now replaced his former, masculine protrusions.
  Not caring how or why, and not forgetting a life as Harm, she would go forth from here, having crossed the threshold into the life he had longed for. Helena smiled.


  1. Cann't read the caption print next to the posting even when enlarge.

    1. I'm sorry, Stranger. I have placed the story in the post body so you can click on "Read More" for the caption text.


  2. Again, I am moved. Like I said at Rachel´s Haven, you touched me at my very core with this caption.
    Funny how being happy rubs off on others. Even a girl at the supermarket who usually looks grumpy had a smile back for me. One of the meanings of the name Helena is, the radiant. I guess I am honouring my name now:-)
    Thanks again, and a big hug to you,

    1. Oh, dear, a big-big, body-crushing squeeze back to you, Helena!! It is truly my pleasure if this piece brightened your disposition for even a bit! :)