Saturday, February 16, 2013

Devilla Roche 002

Okay, boiz&gurlz, before profile suspension and certain demands of life-in-the-flesh so rudely interrupted the interruption of my captioning muse, (yes, i said that the way i intended), I had been putting together a little piece of work for Ms, Roche who, aside from writing Fem-Dom-sissific/feminiz-ation stories, also shares her love of soft&fluffy things that go well against the smooth skin of a woman(-like body).
  The lovely image around which I composed this short piece was posted on her Sweater Fetish Fantasy blog, and I just could not keep my digital fing-er, hmm, digits(?) off of it!
  I just finished it up so as to get the ball rolling again in the caption department. Have a look and, don't be bashful about leaving a reaction or a word of comment. And, by all means, do go have a look at the sites of Ms. Roche!


  1. This is lovely, cute, hot and funny at the same time.

    1. Oh, Helena, now I'm getting more of a sense of your tastes! And I bet that sweater feels good snuggling those lovely bits together and keeping them warm. ;)

      Thank you, Sweetie! :-X

  2. Who's the model???

    1. I honestly do not know, Stranger, but seeing more of her would be nice, I agree. Hopefully M.s Roche can provide an answer!


  3. Sweety honey,

    My apologies for not getting back sooner on your question, my computer crashed and have been scrambling like crazy to get it up and running. Unfortunately, I cannot help with the name of the model, but thanks again for the "free advertising" regarding my blogs!

    You get a big smooch from my glittery red lips!