Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kayla Kocklove Welcomes You... &Yours!

  And who among us would not find this a warm welcome?!
  I slid by her place yesterday and found the lovely, submissive, Ms. Kocklove, on hands & knees, plush breasts hanging enticingly beneath her CS lips, nearly begging to hear from you... and you, and you over there!!
  This woman likes to post moving captions. Not necessarily ones with an emotionally touching story, but ones that she'd like to get you moving... at least one hand!
  So, why not drop by her spot, and, while you're there, why not drop to your knees and join her in some womanly seduction & satisfaction at Kayla's House of TG!?!
  So, Kayla may be a GG and a submissive wife! She loves cock and a bit of feminization as well!
  Perhaps her hubby is a hot & hung tranny, or he might use her as bait to seduce guys into a less than masculine position.
  Maybe she gets-off on the thought of being the plaything of a sissy-Dom.
  In any case, her blog is full of 'Caps-in-Motion', I will call the .gif's she's posted, with TG-themed text to tease & titillate those who visit her site.
  So, if you like sights as
inviting as this, stop-by "Kayla's House of TG".
  I ask you, boiz & gurlz, how could you deny such a heartfelt plea from such a lovely vision? Swing on over to Kayla's, and you might find yourselves sporting something new to swing or even some sexy bit of fleshy bling! Kayla would love to love your cock right off & have ya rap 'bout wrappin' 'round her hubby's jock!
    (image copied from recent post by Kayla Kocklove at Kayla's House of TG)


  1. OMG!!! I am so honored, hubby and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the tip of his cock!!

    1. You are most welcome, dears! It was a pleasure to do it!.. on which note; Be sure and tuck that tip snugly into your favorite clutch and accept your thanks from each-other on my behalf!! (: who knows, it may lead to a fun scenario for a body-swap or hopper caption! :)