Friday, February 1, 2013

BodHe WashHer

 Since the preceding story from cage71 was so involved and took Kisara some time to write, I felt compelled to respond with a bit more than what she was capping me back for... to wit, a shorter set appealing to her recent addition of liking the 'body-hopper' theme.

  Built around the caveat that one never knows the possible repercussions their treatment of others will have, or how comeuppance for being ill-mannered might be dispensed, nor by whom, I present to you:
"BodHe WashHer"
 Sam is not done with her yet!


  1. This is great!

  2. An enjoyable caption if ever there was one. I would recommend putting your captions through a spell checker before finalizing the caption. There were several typos that I noticed that served to throw me out of the story for a moment.
    Again though, very good caption, you just might want to take a little more care before publishing.

    1. I would put this comment on a post having to do with the general blog format, but I can't seem to find one. In my opinion the font you're using for the blog is too hard to read. I think you would do better with a simple font for the main text and keep this font as just what you use for titles.

    2. Thank you for the spanking, Josey! I really should be more diligent in checking my text for errors. It is no excuse, but the simple fact is that I often have several text fields per panel and, by the time I'm done composing the story, I get too lazy to check it before posting the piece.
      I do understand how it can distract one from the flow of a tale, and extend my apologies to all who have had their streams of consciousness dammed by my failure.

      With regard to the font; Yours is not the first complaint raised about it. I'll look at other options shortly to see if I can find one that works better.