Friday, February 1, 2013

@ "That Guy's Captions" Remove My Caps From Your Commercial!!!

  While I might be inclined let slide the unattributed posting of a caption I had composed for a third party, taking it as a compliment from the one feeling my work deserves mention or presentation to a potentially wider audience, what I can NOT abide is having it done by a blogger whose site is nothing more than an ad-generator (money-maker for the blog owner?)!!!
  Not to mention the fact that the scale he has posted the work snagged from other composers is too small to be read by viewers!

  I am sending an email to the email address listed in the profile of "That Guy" listed at Rachel's Haven, though I doubt any response will result.

 "" Hey, Ed;
  Please, remove any work that I have composed from your blog, "That Guy's Captions"!

 I don't mind that you lurk, hell, we all did/do to some degree or another.

  What I do mind, however, is that, upon finding a caption story that I had created for someone else and that you seem to have liked, ("Meeting Her Mum-n-Dad"} you not only did not even anonymously comment to me that you like it, you copied & pasted the whole post including text and tags into a post on your commercial revenue blog.

  That you aimed to profit from the captions you did create is one thing, but to cop others' works upon such time as your creative bent had, by your own admission, met its end, and post them to your advertisement-driven site to gain from the work of others is appalling!

  If you had said something, even as simple as "Nice Cap" at any point, I might not be as upset about this. If there were some expression of personal interest by you on your blog, or a means for viewers to comment on your posts I might not be too bent about this. But the flagrant disrespect your actions today seem to represent is infuriating! Hell, if there was even some indication that the proceeds were going to further your transition or facilitate your SRS, I would gladly steer folks in your direction. Or if the funds generated were going to some other altruistic/philanthropic cause even, my ire would not be such. Even reposting on a blog that was not intended to generate revenues would be excusable!
  But to line your pockets with the creative efforts of total strangers and not even have the decency to make contacting you easily possible!?!

  Again, I ask that you delete any of the work I have created from your blog, and I am sorry that this letter is so terse. But the selfishness and disrespect displayed by your actions is simply unconscionable!""

  Or, am I just being a bitch again, y'all?



  1. I think you've definitely got a right to be upset. I believe your email was a fair assessment of the situation and you did so in a relatiely calm manner, explaining your rationale behind your request. Hope this gets resolved soon!

    1. Thank you, Kendall, for your support. I do hope that Stephanie is right and that it is not 'one of our own' who is doing such to others.

      Within minutes of posting this rant, a "Loved" reaction was checked off for it. My intuition tells me it was the perpetrator chuckling in greedy glee at my helplessness to do more than pitch a fit. Dunno.

      Peace,Love&Kisses ...(not merely a silly signature, an honest sentiment to all!);

  2. I don't think the original author of That Guy's captions is running the site anymore. There's been a recent trend in deserted blogs (That Guy had previously retired) being hijacked by those looking to make a quick buck the 'Debt Relief' way (called that because it's similar to a Debt Relief cold calling scam, at least to me). It's happened to Goldendawn, Kimmy Coerced, and I'm afraid if I leave my blog for months on end, it'll happen to me too :( Hopefully Ed can do something about it (given he's not the culprit).

    1. You may be right, Stephanie, considering there appear to have been several posts today or material I'm reasonably certain is the work of other captioneers. The thing is, though, that the last post of what looks to be the work composed by 'That Guy' shows as being done yesterday.

      If that site had been jacked and reformatted for revenue generation or maliciousness yesterday, it may have re-posted all the earlier work as new, while turning them into 'bastard' links rather than scaled images. If that be the case , then I'll duly apologize to That Guy Ed.

      Until such time as he informs or addresses such issues, however, I must caution readers against visiting that site.

      Thank you also, Stephanie for mentioning the other TG-blogs, I've been trying to recall which places I had seen flags go up warning of mal/virus -wares.

      Not meaning any of the TG-Cap-Fiction-Fact-Community any ill whatsoever, sincerely,Peace,Love&Kisses;

    2. First, you did not hear this from me......

      Use these links:

      Report it for nudity. This will likely shut down the blog for a time after it's reviewed, which will likely send away a few advertising services even if they add the adult content message. If the original poster reclaims the blog with an adult content warning it can be made public again.

      If you want to try it you could try claiming theft of intellectual property using the 2nd link. Keep in mind to prove that you'll likely need to link to the work where it was posted before that blog and link where it is on that blog. If they blogger is linking back to the original this won't likely do any good, but if they aren't it MIGHT lead to removal of the file. Enough claims MAY lead to the blog being shutdown. but absolutely no guarantee on any of that.

      If you can prove any of those links lead to sites where they are phishing sensitive information Google will shut it down quickly for the potential illegal activity, but you will need to prove that.

      Remember, I was never here, and I certainly never told you any of this.

    3. Well, I would say 'Thank you, Stranger', but, since you're not here, people might think I was just talking to myself.

      And what a good thing it is to have never been told anything by 'Agent Unknown', otherwise I'd have probably been killed after hearing what was not said!

      Seriously though, I appreciate the links and suggestions! The trouble is that I've never been much of a fighter, and have wanted only to indulge in expressing the desires of my womanhood without conflict or confrontation.

      Ever one to avoid making waves or having too high of a profile, I might epitomize the perception that those of a transgendered nature are easily bullied pushovers, not prone to fighting for fear of exposure or public derision... however far from the truth such a view might be with respect to those courageous people who bravely endeavor to be who they are, regardless of societal acceptance.

      In truth, I do fear reprisal or the possibility that calling attention to another might draw closer scrutiny of my work, whether or not there be real cause for such concern on my part.

      More than any rights to the I.P. of a tale I've written, my concern is the disposition of the monies generated by those who have committed the 'cap-napping' and the possibility they might fund some nefarious ends, and that, in having some of my work 'poached', as Dee put it, by those dastardly doers, my complicity in such might be assumed by authorities.

      I will weigh this avenue of redress -as well as my testicular mass- before acting. A day or two, and perhaps some input from others about proceeding.

      Again, I would thank you, but, as you either don't exist, or single-handedly comprise about 90% of my viewing audience, suffice it to say, "Lurk in peace, oh masked stranger!"


  3. Hey Elle :)

    First, do something with the design of your blog, is hard to read is you put everything in big caps, at least for me short shighted ;P

    Anyway... It happened to me before, having spam blogs raiding through mine and others posting entire conversations - comments - text, caption, everything in there. Until no one says nothing to you, just flag it if you can for pornographic content and not having the adult check of blogger!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Thank you for your input, Alectra. The thing is that it is like they stole the blogger skin because there aren't any of the normal Blogger buttons or search field in the top bar.
      Not sure how to flag it other than warning folks here.

      As for the look of my blog, I just changed it to this a couple of days ago. I wanted a fresh look with some whimsy but not too much frilly-fluff. I have just reduced the point size of the text hoping that it helps un-bunch the crowdedness of the font. Please, let me know if you still have trouble reading it and I'll see what I can do.


  4. I think you are in the right. I have seen a few blogs get hacked and start posting spam. This might be one of those cases, but no mater who is behind it it is a shitty thing to do.

    1. Thanks, FS!
      It is. And not knowing where the click-funds are going is the worst part. The possibility that whoever has done it is funding some nefarious purpose aside from greed, and now those whose caps have been hijacked might be considered associated with the real perpetrators, is a potentially scary thought.

      I hesitate to even suggest that others check the site to see if their stuff has been added there, and I have removed it from my blogroll to avoid the appearance of endorsing the place.


  5. I noticed the hijacking happened to 'steffiemariechen's naugty bits' to.
    If I try to access it with the link on my computer, or via the link you have on your blogroll, I get to another site, than(then?) when I access it from Britney's own sites.
    Apparently we have an old link.
    I already mailed Britney about it, because I don't believe it's her doing in any way.

    1. Thank you, Helena! ( 't-h-A-n' is for making comparisons between people, places or things, 't-h-E-n' is for noting a series of event or indicating a different time. -see my items Tagged "SpellCheck 101" for some common misuses seen in captions).

      Anyhow, I do need to take some time and sift through the blogroll I have listed to remove any that are not what they should be.

      I sign-on to 'follow' other blogs as a means of sending them traffic and offering my visitors other 'flavors' available in our genre of diversion.

      I hate to think ill of anyone and certainly do not expect that any in the TG-Cap/Fiction/Fact community are inclined to do ill to others... even where disagreements might exist.

      (oh, by the way, how are doing with what i had asked previously, dear?)

    2. I don't believe the people who are hijacking these abandoned sites, are from the TG-community, I believe they are simply people who want to make a quick buck, and don't care who or what is broken in the process.
      There's probably a great caption in it by what should be done to them as a punishment;-)

      I'm not doing so great on what you asked, due to excitement, I have a little trouble getting to sleep. That, and having to get up at 5.00 A.M. made it hard for me to focus on writing anything over three sentences. I'm having a busy weekend, but I hope I'm done tomorrow.

    3. While I agree with you that it's not likely a Captioneer or author who is doing this, and that some retribution for their actions is in order, my feeling on becoming a woman are that it should be the realization of a cherished goal or a reward rather than a punishment meted-out for bad behaviour! (although i can surely see where it might improve the attitudes of many a belligerent misogynist to inhabit the form of their derision for a time!)

      (And again, no pressure on that info, Helena, i was just asking.) :xXx

  6. Sorry that I hadn't been monitoring this. Did you think that they took your stuff FROM Rachel's Haven, or was this poached off of your blog?

    If its poached from Rachel's Haven, please let me know by Pming me info about who the perp is and what was taken and where it was posted to.

    We WILL not stand for someone taking something that was posted on our site in confidence and cut and pasted to a pay site, especially with the irony that we are having trouble paying OUR server bills!

    Let me know what you can find out and we'll see what we can do at RH.

  7. Thank you, Ma'am! While what 'they' took was a piece I had composed for a sister at The Haven, what got poached was my posting of it on this blog... from the post title to the category tags for navigating these pages, with the exception of 'reactions', have now become links on their one-armed-bandit which pop you to whatever flavor of ad is currently favored.

    The irony that struck me is that, upon finding what 'they' had done, I started thinking about whether this might be a means for me to contribute to Rachel's, since I am not sufficiently solvent to help Rachel's financially, if going 'commercial' and arranging to have all the proceeds help fund the operation of Rachel's Haven might be a way for me to do my part there. Not sure how that might work, but that thought did cross my mind, Dee.

    I did find a username like the title of the nefarious, blog-like culprit's, in The Haven membership, but contacting the email listed in that profile -which shows no posts whatsoever at Rachel's- brought an email reply which denies having ever had a blog and keep the lowest possible footprint in the TG Cap community, for obvious reasons.

    I appreciate your ire and diligence in administrating at Rachel's! This situation does not involve The Haven as far as I know, although, work from other captioneers has appeared there and I expect it was peeled from their blogs.

    Thank you again, Dee!