Monday, July 2, 2012

Promoted & Transferred

  I made this caption about a month ago, as a salute, you could say, to a friend who serves her country in the military. She also happens to be into TG/TF caps and fiction. (I hesitate to reveal too much, for fear of causing any trouble.) I found the image many months ago on 'picfoco' or another image hosting site, and hope that its use here does not carry any reprisals for the lovely, young woman pictured.

  Just looking at recent traffic sources of viewers to this blog, I ventured over to "Captions by Diane Leonard", (thank you, b.t.w., for including mine among your 'followed' blogs), and saw this post about a transgendered Sgt. in the U.S.A.F.. While it looks to be an article from a newspaper or other periodical, I believe it to be merely a 'wishful thinking' caption. While I have seen a news report about a retired U.S.A.F. making full transition from male to female, the likelihood of a soldier, sailor, marine or airman undergoing transition and SRS under military / VA care is not highly likely. As expressed in an online article from AirForceTimes, there remains much ground to cover with regard to what help active-duty, reserve, Nat'l. Guard and retired military personnel who are, or believe themselves to be, transgender might get from the military or Veteran's Admin. Policy issues are only one area of concern, while the greater issue would seem to be the attitudes of ones' comrades-in-arms. Sadly, we still inhabit a world where differences are more often reviled than respected, and an area of service to ones' country long held as a domain of masculine belligerence seems an unlikely venue for ground-breaking progress in a social mindset so deeply ingrained and passionately debated.

  All that said, and being my own opinion on the matter; The following caption was written for fun weeks before having seen this post at Diane's, and the related article.
  So, whether it works with the upcoming celebration of independence, or is simply the twisted imagining of someone who is not who they'd rather be, I present to you:

"Promoted & Transferred"


  1. The captions look interesting. But, they are hard to read because the text is so small and dense. Other pictures are easy to expand to a comprehensable size on displays on screens smaller than an Ipad or laptop.

    1. My apologies! I'm not familiar with how these look on anything other than a computer. I tend to use a rather large format, and when viewing, I often 'right click'- 'open in new tab'- and +up the scale. But I don't have a machine smaller than a laptop. I hope that posting the text in the following comment helps.


  2. Leave it to the military to apply a new meaning to an old acronym. Sure, I was thrilled when I was approved for a bump in rank, but I wasn't expecting this!

    And leave it to D.A.R.P.A. to be on the cutting edge of so many technologies. In an age when bio-weapons are off-limits to civilized nations, some discoveries are re-purposed from battlefield applications, at least in the direct sense of deployment as offensive weapons or enemy engagement.

    When my C.O. told me that I was among a selection of privates in line for a corporeal promotion, but that I'd be sent to an E.O.D. course first, I must have looked scared.

    He told me that it was time to grow a pair if I wanted to go any further in the army, or to reach my full potential in whatever unit I got assigned to, or even in civilian life.

    "Son," he said, "since repealing D.A.D.T., a whole lot of adjustments are being made to accommodate every officer and soldier."

    As it turns out, the 'skunk-works' found a new viral delivery vector for certain types of genetic mutations, none of which seemed to hold promise as weapon systems. But a few were determined to improve the morale of a certain kind of individual among the ranks.

    It turns out that the explosive ordinance to be disposed of was that troublesome gun I was born with. The one that fires rounds in order to make life, not take it. And the pair I needed to grow have sure boosted morale!

    True, I wasn't happy about maybe having to kill, but being reassigned to form a new unit has been a serious boon to my outlook.

    Still in the development stage, "EE" co. of the 2nd Artillery div., 1st Tran-Sup-Group, is testing a new generation of non-lethals. A big push is this M.O.A.N. 'Massive Orgasm Aerial Neutralizer', which showers forces in blissful climax, resulting in quick surrender.

    My post at Yuma Pro.Gro. is a plus for my GF too. She loves my new set of B.D.Us.!