Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Recruitment Training"

  The brothers and sisters of Kappa-Omicron-Kappa and Tao-Iota-Tao houses know a few things. And they pass these things on to their pledges and underclassmen when the time is ripe. The organizations also have varied philanthropic interests which get employed in furthering the education of their members.
  What follows is a tale of two freshmen, as they get recruited for a summer of service at one of the houses charity efforts. After all, learning to become practitioners of arcane arts can be filled with trial and tribulation... and it can also lead to finding ones' place in a grander scheme.

  A cap-back for "fratBoy2 SororityGirl" at Rachel's Haven, this story centers on her preference for becoming a bit bittier than he started out. Posted in her Caption Trading Folder as simply "Recruitment", I add to that here, in case some other ideas I have get done.

  I hope you find the story worth the tedium of its length.