Sunday, June 24, 2012

Debbie Darling +"AppSnap" Welcome Cap

  Welcome to the the new additions here: 'Honey', 'Andrissa', and 'Ricardo'!!! Thank you for joining, and I hope you enjoy the thing you find here! And thank you, Andrissa, for the amazing compendium of TG Blogs you've compiled!

This is a 'welcome' caption that I made for 'Debbie Darling', a recent addition to the family of 'Havenettes'. Debbie was kind enough to leave a nice reply to my "AppSnap" contest entry, and express her desire to find out what it could do. So, this attaches to the previous post by including an unsuspecting passer-by, once 'GamzGirl22' & 'CosmoStud' have left the train in each-others' bodies.

So far, she has no complaints, and has even intimated that she'd like to work out a more extended stay! With the way the economy has hit so many of us, any options for putting our troubles behind are worth looking into... and some are so much more desirable than others!!! Who among us would balk at the chance to wind-back some years and have a particular 'birth-defect' corrected... or either of the two?!

I hope you enjoy this little 'extension' of ; "AppSnap" or "Out of Her Brain on the Train"

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