Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wishes & Witches of Happiness

  So, Joanna had posted a couple of images over at her blog, Happiness. One of them relating to a "Would toward that were I" kind of thing, and the other in a post about being teased/bullied and how she reacted to such in her youth. While I, as can the healthy majority of readers here I'd expect, can certainly relate to being teased and bullied for being different that the average male person in the place of my youth, I managed to get through life without much in the arena of deep emotional scars.
 ( Regretting now, that I hadn't the stones then, to acknowledge to myself, let alone openly display, or then pursue more completely, my desire to be more female than my birth permitted, it remained an intangible fantasy through my formative years. As such, I may have failed to experience a much more traumatic brand of abuse by the 'macho' cowboys who called me 'faggot' and 'sissy' simply because I wasn't much of an athlete, or one who dated and objectified women in the same way they did.)

  Anyhow, feeling compelled to employ the images in captioned form, I decided to put together the following. While not terribly serious or poignant, it does share something like thoughts some of us may have had in the face or wake of being the object of ridicule and disdain by those who feared, more than they would admit, the liberty and honesty expressed by others who refused to conform to their fathers ideals of what makes men men and women women.
  (While I prefer 'taking part in' captions of willing transformation, it becomes more evident to me why forced and revenge themed caps are such a great portion of the TG/TF Captions genres. I suppose that if I had liked boys back then, [not that i do now, as a male i am straight, and only begin to entertain thoughts of engaging men sexually if i impose a major or full transition to womanhood upon myself], it might be rather satisfying to to get one of those rotten pricks into a fever-pitch over the trans-woman before them, and begin imposing an iron will of making them into the sissy they had accused me of being.) (i might need to see about employing this theme in the future)

  For your consideration, (and not that the "dialogue" should have a bit of a British accent), I present:
  "Wishes & Witches"

  The text is posted past the jump, for better viewing or transliteration. Please let me know if this helps, or if you'd like me to keep doing this:

 "Peh'er's-a-fairy-prehn-cess! Peh'er's-a-fairy-prehn-cess!"

 "Shoot eht, ya bluudy wankah! Or ah'll make you wesh you were a prehncess after ah shoove your bollocks down your own throat!
  You know we're presentin' Shehkspehr as they dehd en hes day, when men plehed all the roles, no matteh the charactehs' sexes!"

 {oh, the poor boy! these moderns can't see the forest for the trees, or trust the fey in their own spirit for the futility of others' mocking words and deeds!}
  Thought the Woad priestess as she saw the mean child trying to belittle the other boy with mere words.
  Her ancient stand of old-growth had long since been felled for timber and eventually replaced by a stand of repeated copies of the same dwell-ing. Lost had been the way of earth.
  She kept her place, knowing that of a time and times, there would again come some who would know feeling
as both and neither, bound only by their own limits, once they learned.

" 'E-wants-t'-pleh-weth me-boll-locks!-E-wants-t'-pleh-weth me-boll-locks!"

 {if he keeps on like this I'll hurt him! I don't need the trouble, but if someone doesn't help him or me soon, he'll be in the infirmary!}

  {a happy day, indeed, i see! found is the next to groom, his stand to care for and great healings to make upon those needing his care and succor! he calls on aide to still his angst, lest he be the implement of injury upon vile foe! let me grant his bidding, that he may take
to the lessons i'll give, and right all!}
    A witch to some, healer to others, servant to none but good, the spirit cast a curing spell to mend the tired soul, not merely of inward hurt, but of open form as well, imparting him what form was right, with knowing to fix this woe & just deserts bestow.

 {whoa-nellie! i've become a girl... and more! I feel so RIGHT now! like I should have all my life! who needs bollocks? or wants them? hmm, no! he's not worthy of being a girl! maybe just the bollocks!}

" 'E-wants-t'-pleh-we... BLOODY'ELL! what's 'appened to me bollocks?!"

 {now there's a just fix! he'll do well! with such even souls still living, there's
hope for the earth yet, humanity too!}

 "When you learn ta be nice, mehbe ah'll leht'ya have'em back!"

  Peter ne'er second-guessed the will of the Woad priestess, and ne'er lost sight of who he'd become. Joanna is a grown woman now, some of the little boy inside, else neither is just, nor complete. No good is only part!



  1. Dear Elle,

    Just to reiterate how much I enjoyed this caption. I love the use of the image in th background and how you don't see it at first and the double narrative is a wonderful touch.

    I could go on... but simply put, thank you.

  2. Thank you, darling! I am delighted you like it!