Sunday, June 17, 2012

LumberJacqueling & More

  Nebula, who I met in the PossessionObsession3 Y!group, and whose work I have featured some of  as Guest Captions here, recently asked me to add some of my work to the goings-on over at the up & running reiteration of TF-Media.

  It has been a while, (too long), since I have had much fun with the friends  I made while at Yahfoo, so rather than just add old stuff to the captions at TF-Media, I decided to add new stuff to old stuff and then put that stuff among the other stuff over there. (I should just get stuffed, right!?!)

  As Nebula had made request of captioning a certain model by the name of Courtney Cass, I met that with the first page, (which is re-posted here just for the continuity of the story), "LumberJacqueline". Wanting to add some new material, I put together the 2nd page and gave the tale a twist.
  Owing to my love of doing photo-manipulations and progression into 'GIMP' as the software of preference for composing new work, there is a marked difference in the two pages, as the original was made using 'MS Paint', and I was undecided at that  time as to whether there be any more of the story. So I do apologize for the inconsistency of the look or quality of  the two related pages.

  Regardless of all that; If becoming a 'tree-hugger' went something like this, I think we'd be beating a trail to the  nearest 'enchanting woods' to try and get recruited for duty in service and steward(ess)ship!

    "LumberJacqueline & More"