Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Caps from Nebula

  What does one find in a Nebula?

Beautiful images and stories of TG Body/Spirit-Hopping and Possession.  For we are all, truly, nebulous beings, and the prospect of 'aligning' our 'space' with that of another is a remarkably enticing and erotic concept.

Nebula is a friend from the PossessionObsession3 group at Y!  and has sent me some recent work, so here follow some wonderful short tales from his significant library of captions.

"Ariel's Visit

Several more to be seen here:

 "Way of Posedo"

And this is my response to a request by Nebula.


  1. Excellent! Thank you for uploading them, Elle! Can't wait to see more from you as well!

    - Nebula / o8aversoj

  2. For Nebula/o8aversoj

    Hi, I ask this because recently I had a problem with pc.
    On which site can find your Cap-ons (Bodyhopper, Possession) whose site recently had a change of server?

    1. Hello, Droug! Nebula has been working posting at the last iteration of "TF-Media", which is apparently under construction... again.

      The "PossessionObsession" groups at Yahoo also contain some of Nebula's work.

      I'll forward your email to Nebula so they can give you better info too.