Friday, May 18, 2012

Intros For New Havenettes

  I tend to be a bad girl, sometimes, and start captioning new members at Rachel's before they've been granted a trading folder, (and even those who are there for other reasons than trading; as there are many Fiction writers, Role Players, and a great element of non-clinical Moral Support for the Transitioning and Curious/Questioning community) So, this post is just a few of the singles that I've recently done for the a few unsuspecting 'Newbies', (or ones who haven't done much yet).

"Camp Cutie", for Jessica/timw1991

"Don't Stop Me Now!", for Stevie/lyonrunofyard

An untitled piece for, Miranda/neomagick

Who has returned the favor with this, AMAZING gift, which I offer as a Guest Cap. It really got my attention this morning!  Thank you VERY VERY much Miranda!!!

"Recipe", BY: Miranda/neomagick

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