Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Caps: The Work Of Kelly

  Here are a couple of the wonderful Captions that Kelly has made for yours truly and presented to me at Rachel's Haven.

  I'm posting these here as a heart-felt thank you to, and example of the works by, both a sweet person, and a great captioneer! If you are not familiar with her work, please make a visit to sp2000's TG Captions, and show some love for the wonderful stuff she does! Kelly is a great inspiration and encouragement to so many at The Haven, and elsewhere, I'm sure!
  I have also noticed that a large portion of the traffic here has come from the direction of her blog. So, hopefully, this will serve to try and return in kind a great help she has, wittingly or not, provided to my own twisted efforts.  Thank you, so dearly, Kelly!!!

  From Kelly / sp2000, here are:

  "A Student's Wild Powers"
 And "New You Workout"


  1. Both are fantastic captions, Elle! SP2000 did a great job with them! I love them!

    - Nebula

  2. She does do great stuff, Nebula! And I'll add yours after this post has had a day or so to be noticed.

    oxoxo Elle

  3. Hey thanks for posting these the principal one is a favorite. Anyways I hope you are doing well and that I get to see more captions from you in due time.

  4. Glad you like them, Boris! She does great stuff, and I'm blessed that she likes to play with me sometimes! And in case you missed it, swing by her place too!