Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100th Post...

...which is probably not saying much, when compared to the frequency of much more skilled and experienced of the TG Caption bloggers, but, I do what I can.

  Your visits, comments, and ratings are much appreciated!! And, while I get a bit discouraged, sometimes, at the great disparity between the number of hits and the number of comments or 'like/dislike' check-marks, I just remind myself that most of you are, as I once was, among a silent majority of "lurkers" who -while deeply enjoying the themes, concepts, depictions, and methods of gender transformation- are not in a position to offer feedback for fear of possible repercussions or having your views discovered by those around you. I can thoroughly relate!
Or, perhaps, I have failed to share enough of my self when posting, in the effort to make the focus be on the captions rather than the author. As we approach the anniversary of this blog, (and effectively, the 'birth' of "Elle-Jae Matthews"), I have been thinking that it might be a good thing to open up some more and share who I am, in addition to the captions I write and receive from friends and compatriots in the TG-Cap communities.
Your thoughts on this would also be greatly appreciated!! As I have always been rather an introvert and a wall-flower, not believing my views or personal experiences to be of much interest to others. Neither wishing to bring offense to any by the sharing of certain beliefs or matters of faith, nor through doing such, have the spirit of this fun avocation besieged with input from those who do not share a love of things TG/TF but have stumbled upon text that peaks their curiosity/interest in subjects unrelated to the captions herein displayed.

All that being said, I offer the following. A photomanip I did months ago for entry in a Y!group contest, and have just captioned for a dear kindred soul I met among those of Rachel's Haven. I had been meaning to caption the image for posting here, and not gotten to, or found much inspiration for, a story to wrap around it. Then, upon finding a love of reviewing beers among the happiness of a friend, the following union of hobbies came to mind. So, please, indulge yourselves in:

   "Bodacious Micro-Brew" (for "Consensus" at Rachel's Haven)


  1. Clearly I need to read you blog properly at some point. *I* think your opinions matter and I am also pretty hard to offend, on any level, so opine away!

  2. you go girl! congrats on your milestone, you realy do some good work. hugsssssssss, Sedra.

  3. Thank you, both, dearly! ((Sedra&Joanna)) and huggs back!

    Joanna, I don't know if there's a "proper" way to read this, or any, TG-Caption blog... at least the way some segments of society view this kind of self-expression and the courageous few who are sufficiently blessed to realize their true selves and live, like Sedra, as the whole person they are.

    You GO, SEDRA! Your warm, loving help and inspiration are much needed and appreciated by so many who would join you in liberation from flesh that doesn't fit!

    As for "off-topic" opinion and commentary, I am a walking conundrum and a breathing contradiction. A "male-born lesbian/bi woman/hermaphrodite" who will doubtfully ever realize the form I believe should have developed in-utero. Yet, I hold certain conservative 'christian' beliefs, while believing that most 'mainstream and fundamentalist christians' have failed to understand the messages of scripture and Jesus in favor of clinging to "the traditions of men". And that the halls of academia, in the u.S.A. at least, by denying that research not based on the accidental origin of everything, runs the risk of (or has already) impos(ed)ing an impediment to the advancement of knowledge, understanding, and discovery not unlike the dark ages under the "Holy Roman Catholic Empire".

    Well, there I go, rambling about personal feelings and trivialities. (tsk-tsk on me)

    Again, thank you, ladies, for your warm support and viewership! (huggs&sobbs)