Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Li'l Who-House

  Did this set a little while back, before Y! welcomed my departure, and had posted it in the 'PossessionObsession3' group.
  A really big reason for choosing Ariana, is the strong similarity of  her appearance to that of the women with whom I share genetic material. Had my 2nd "X" chromosome not been deprived of its full formation, there is a reasonable expectation that I too would have a similar look.
 (though, i did 'manip' the eye color, as brown eyes do not swim in the gene pool I occupy.)

  Anyhow, upon hearing of this new establishment, I just had to visit, in hopes that their claims of bringing to fruition nearly any sexual fantasy, were more than just an empty advertising hook.

 Please, enjoy this introduction to:
   "The Best Li'l Who-House"

 There's much more after the break...

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