Sunday, May 27, 2012


  Here is a cap-back to Ruby/wraithstrike at Rachel's Haven, that took me much too long to compose. I had started it before pausing production to get  a grip on GIMP, and then faced some amusement, (defined as: 'a lack of cogent thought; or, insufficient degree of inspiration'), about how it should continue, let alone conclude.

 As I've fallen into a bad tendency to have several projects 'dangling' in composition limbo, I decided to get this to some form of a wrap, which seems to have resulted in a potential for serialization of the exploits of Prof. Graham and his research assistant, L.J.

 I'm not greatly familiar with the broad depth and scope of superheroes in the realms of graphic-novels and anime, (as my own degree of animation about novel graphics flows from a youth spent perusing periodicals which one would/should not find in a comic-book store), my inclination here is to make the development of their 'blending-in' identities the focus, rather than their new powers and exploits.

 I hope that you find enjoyable; "Andrew-Genious"


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  1. Very nice Elle :) Did you get those last five caps I sent a couple of days ago? Thanks. -Liz xx