Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Cap from Chel

Chelsea was kindly enthusiastic a while back, with favorable response to my story, "Welcoming Calla", and we had discussed parameters for me to produce something of the like for her. I reviewed the images I had on hand to find the most fitting for the theme, and not being pleased with the selection, embarked on a search for better images. This ultimately led to an extended distraction from beginning to compose said story. Meantime, I had seen her comment  on another post somewhere and decided to create a stop-gap caption in another of Chel's favorite themes, which led to, "Chel-Game-Changer".

Sadly,  and shamefully, I have yet to compose the story we first discussed. It seems that I'll need to get cracking in it soon, since the darling, Chelsea, has presented me with this lovely piece of work!! I need to inquire of her if the file-name, "Firstcap" means 'ever', or it's just the first she's done for me. (*note: I added her name when I saved it just for keeping my files in order.)

Enough of the commentary from Elle!  Here is Chel, and "Firstcap"

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