Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living In The Haven...

  OH-MY-FREAKIN-GOD!! I canNOT believe I did this! Some Havenettes ought to just spank me silly or fuck some brains INTO me... Maybe even Goddess Rachel herself! Just looking for an older post and noticed that I made a massive OOPS in the original text, (in quotation below)!

  It should, of course, read RACHEL'S HAVEN, rather than "Rebecca's"... (whose WORLD I am a very longtime fan of as well)! I am SO sorry and embarrassed for my 'slip-of-the-fingers' in this regard. Please, forgive me!


"...Rebecca's Haven that is.
Since engaging with the lovely people at her place, I haven't gotten much work done on my projects here. :-{  So I'll put up the things I've done for people there, just so you don't get bored."

This is a cap - back for 'wraithstrike' who set me up with a nice little scenario involving an 'unfortunate' Professor's reaction being exposed to an experiment. (I'll check with the author to see if it's o k to post the intro cap here.)

Here are two more that I did for Kelly / sp2000, which continue Kevin's adventures in womanhood with L.J. and Mher'Phe.

And this is my cap - back to Tatiana, who was the first to 'zap' me upon getting my trading folder

I'll check with the respective artists about posting here. But you could, of course, check them out at

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