Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Presents @Rachel's Haven

Hey there all!

 Just thought I'd post a landmark event. I went ahead and joined Rachel's Haven, to get better acquainted with many of you.

 Here are the first few gift captions I've made for Evie Hyde, and Kelly / sp2000. I probably won't post all the stuff I do for there, but this is a kind of special occasion, so enjoy.

Kisses; Elle

Evie, dear; I love the taste of both your 'elixirs'!

Kelly; You just take it slow and easy, man!


  1. I loved my two captions, very very hot thank you! I particularly enjoyed the clever use of making it hard for them to speak as the pleasure was so great.

    Kelly's caps are great too, a good use of different coloured text and tempting teasing story!

  2. I'm really glad you liked them, Evie! I am sure liking you and Kelly too!
    I'll need to get back to work here soon, but it's fun seeing what other girls like- and trying to give it to them!

    It gets hard...well tough... trying to view blogs & posts, and make the caps too! Being a slow reader, and composing a cap /text take some time too!

  3. Thanks again for the captions. Nice work!

  4. My pleasure, beautiful, working on more for you now. I hope you don't mind them being put here too, (ref: my reply here to Evie}, haven't done anything for here since joining the Haven

  5. great work hun loved them. you keep getting better and better :)