Monday, August 1, 2011


The Combined Gender Identity And Transsexual Inventory

  Is a multiple-choice self-assessment available as a starting point for exploring one's gender identity.  The questions require the most honest answer from one's self-perception of their acts/reactions to a variety of situations, both hypothetical and experiential, which induce emotional, intellectual, and physical  response.

  My deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Sedra, (a new, but dear friend from Rachel's Haven), for providing me the link. You are: a caring soul, an endless listener, an inspiration, and a totally hot woman! (kisses & giggles, girlfriend)

  While the inventory does little more than scratch the surface, you may find it helpful if you have questions or uncertainties about your inner gender orientation and/or your place in our tumultuous world. Other resources are available at the site. I pray you be at, or find if you lack, peace!

  My own result was only mildly surprising, (perhaps mildly disappointing), upon completion of the inventory: 'Androgyne' was the result, both/neither or third gender. And from that, I shall introspect and inquire outwardly toward greater self-realization.

Peace; L.J./Elle

P.S. NOTE: My result could explain my life-long fascination with, and respect for, those blessed to have been born truly both male and female. I.m.o., true hermaphrodites represent the nearest human connection to the physical perfection our creator first formed into flesh, spirit, and soul. [no offense meant to evolutionists, and regardless of who you believe to be the creator] I consider it a deep shame and an horrific crime that, for so long in the u.s. at least, the mutilation of perfectly healthy babies has been committed by the  medical establishment/individual physicians in order to impose some misbegotten patriarchal personal perception of a social normality which has historically oppressed the inter/trans- gender community. [excepting those cases in which definite/imminent health risk existed] [also my deepest apologies and sympathies to any of the 'first gender' who have experienced hardship in life as a result of the lack of support, understanding, or resources from family or our society]
 Please, forgive my rant! I am merely expressing an opinion, not throwing down the gauntlet of debate or direct accusation.    O.k., I'll take a breath now!

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