Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Spring Break Body Suit" pt.3

So, Boiz, Gurlz, Bothz & Neitherz;
It has been some while since I posted, Or actually wrote much of anything other than an 'epELLEogue' under other Captioneers' lovely pieces of fantastical fiction.
And the truth is that my attentions have been otherwise diverted and/or deviated.
I'll offer no apologies this time, as it has gotten old for me to say that I'm sorry for not being more prolific and reliable with regard to composing & posting captions, my darlings.
Please, do not take my inattention as any form of a slight against any of you! It is simply a fact that my thoughts often wander and my focus frequently shifts. So, I do hope that you still enjoy what I do when I do do it! 
Peace! Lust! Kinkiness!!!

"Spring Break Body Suit" pt. 3


  1. Ohh snap. So erotic and awesome. Wow,this is getting good. Question,what did she mean that zacks dad is in the suit?

    1. << grins ear-to-ear! >> That really does get to the concept of the story, Wolfie! And will be revealed in greater detail as the tail unfolds. Glad you like it and I'm sorry for the wait!


    2. oh no problem at all. I'm in the middle of finishing up the guest cap u showed me earlier today. i'm also thinking of another cap with both of us in the mix haha.

  2. Maravilhosa,que tesão,delicias,beijos....