Thursday, May 18, 2017

"D'Yammet Br*r*ryahn!"

   Hey there, Boiz, Gurlz, Bothz & Neitherz!
   I know that temperatures are getting warmer, but my writing is still progressing like molasses attempting an ascent of Mt. Everest. The most I've managed are some comments and 'epELLEogues' at others' blogs, and a couple of relatively quick pieces that I've thrown at a few friends, such as the piece that follows.
   This one is something I sent to a captioneer who's been around for a while and has gone by several names, but her most recent iteration is a place called "Odds N' Ends" so, slide over and show her some love, folks! (If it's any comfer, her choice of images isn't usually as explicit as my selections.)
   The format is simple, since it was just intended as a quickie to push a few of her buttons, but the writing is all mine, as you'll see.

(Note: I've removed the "r*r*rolled r's" from everything after the first paragraph that establishes the accent of our 'heroine-turned-hero', but left the rest of the phonetic dialogue in place so, just keep thinking of something like a Scottish accent as you read.

"D'Yammet Br*r*ryahn!"

   Brian stood there in the warm sun, hips gently swaying to the rhythm of his hard cock slipping slowly in-&-out of the mature woman's luscious wetness and he thought to himself, 'Isn't this the life!? Working in the outdoors! Wild sex with my boss in the middle of Nature's beauty! She may be quite a bit older than me, but this woman has a voracious sexual appetite with a fantastically kinky bent!' while his strong hands reached around to firmly fondled the MILF's ample tits from behind her soft, smooth body.

   As one of the wealthy land-owner's game wardens on her vast preserve in the American southwest, Brian was living his dream of getting to work in the great outdoors while banking most of his pay, since the comfy cabin on the part of her range under Brian's oversight, and all his meals were perks of the job, provided by the financially-secure widow's charitable trust.

  "D'yahmmeT- Br*r*ryan..." exclaimed the widow's mezzo-soprano voice in her sweet, thick Scottish burgh while his cock continued its piston-like action inside her well-lubricated cylinder, "WHat wer*r*re ye thinkin' lad?! Ye ought not t' trifle weth th' mahjehck of m' anceste*r*rs like thes," his employer, (and frequent partner in carnal pursuits), admonished the fit, younger man.

   Brian bent over as the widow Justus' hands moved from squeezing his replicas of her plush breasts to firmly gripping the wide hips above his smooth, sturdily-sexy legs and increased the pace of plunging her stiff staff into his clenching cunt! Brian turned his head to the side and braced himself with 'her' hands on 'her' knees to reply, "I'm ss-s- sorry, Ma'am! I di-h-h-hidn't know the TAh-h- Tartan-of-Trade-Offs wuh-would aff-ffh-ffhuK...affect you fr-uh-hom so far aww-WHAY!" as his body's motions set his big tits to bouncing against each-other with a sweaty, slapping sound that amplified the eroticism of feeling them smack together while getting his slippery slit shagged by the woman behind him.

  "I'm flahttered thet ye thenk m' mess o' mature flesh es desyrable enough t' spend s' much time en et, lad," she purred with delight while pulling the head of her cock back against the inside of Brian's pelvic wall a few times in quick succession before giving a full-depth shove that made her balls slap his clit with fabulous force. "But, I had t' drive all th' way out her*r*re fr*r*rom th' cety like thes t' find ye! An' ef 't weren't f your slutty screamin' I'd-a never*r*r found ye' fr*r*riggin' yerself out 'e*r*re!
"Now, I've got a troostees' mehtin' t'morow thet I'll nehd m' own shape for, Bryahn," Mrs. Justus told the man riding her hard cock as if he was a teen-aged girl.

  "Bh- But, L'Roosa, puh-please, let me keep this shape for a while. I ffh-h feel SO much closer to Mother Nh-hngh- Nature when I ff- feel more like mmh-mother nature myself," the faux female grunted in Brian's masculine bass, (he'd never managed to get his own voice to become the same in pitch or dialect as the widow's), as his fleshy ass-cheeks rippled heavily with every slap of his boss' pelvis. "I'll trade-off my member to keep your shape while you're gone, Ma'am. No one wuH-h-huh-whoo- will see me being you tw-uh-twin out here, ah-h alone."

   The woman wearing the copy of his male form, (which she'd acquired when he imagined having having L'Roosa Justus' body while masturbating on the tartan blanket now beneath their feet), started pounding her rod into Brian's insatiable, sopping-wet snatch with vigorous intent, saying, "Doon! Then we'll get thengs swetched t' nahrmal next week when I get back!"

   A blissful grin graced Brian's pretty mouth and he felt the crow's feet of smile-lines form beside his eyes as he grabbed his swinging titties to pinch their tender teats and sending his womanly body into full orgasm at the same time that L'Roosa's cock flexed to spew multiple loads of slippery goo inside Brian's convulsing cunt! The trade made on the magic blanket would require being undone on the same, so Mrs. Justus would be taking it from her employee's possession until then, but Brian would relish his week of roaming his charge in the naked form of a mature woman...and trying to figure out what other trade they might make on her return. 

***   ***   ***   ***


  1. Wow. This was very interesting. Wonder if he can get his voice to match his new form

  2. Nah, I think not, Wolfie. It wasn't part of this trade and it's something like a security measure for the widow, so that he cannot effectively impersonate her.

    Besides, I think there's an added degree of eroticism when he takes a break from his rounds to have a little 'me time' in that, hearing his own, masculine voice saying stuff like; "Oh, man, my titties are SO sensitive!", or, "It's really amazing how wet my pussy gets when the sun beats down on my smooth, womanly skin!", can get his juices flowing and makes their reunions upon Mrs, Justus' return even more...vigorous!


  3. Sounds very erotic. Think there'll b another part to this or some other erotic fantasies involving you or you and a friend?

    1. Well, Wolfie; Thai is just a one-of that I did for "Laroosa" at "Odds N' Ends", as mentioned above so, it's not likely that there'll be another part to this story.

      Truth be told, though, I always tend to imagine myself having a part as at least one of the characters in any tale I tell. So, there's certainly some part of me that goes into whatever I write, whether I 'am' one of the characters in the story or not.

      What I have been thinking of doing is making a page here that is just for my "epELLEogues" to be posted since so many of them tend to become rather long as I write them, (sometimes needing to be posted at the other Captioneer's blog as two comments becuse I exceed the allowable number of characters).
      It would be a means of showcasing and linking to other TG-Captioneers' blogs. Especially since my readers would need to go there to start the story that I'm 'commenting' on.

      Peace, Lust&Kinkiness!!!