Monday, September 7, 2015

"Can't Wait 'Til Labor-Day" or "I'm So Sorry, Baby"

  Just a short & simple piece for the day. And I don't do many "wishes-gone-wrong" themes, but this just seemed to speak to me so, I hope you like it too!
"Can't Wait 'Til Labor-Day" or "I'm So Sorry, Baby"


  1. Very nice short caption. I love how you took misguided/mistimed wishes into some very nice kink. I mean doesn't everyone wish they could be brought back into the world that way?

    1. Thanks, DeeDee! BUt I wanted to keep this short & simple, so I didn't even include the real kink on my think. But, your observation has given me an idea, Hon!

    2. Sheesh! And I thought it was hard figuring out what to call my mom's-cousins-kids in relation to me!

      Great cap love, and sorry I don't comment on your stuff more, real life likes to swamp me with so much at once I can barely make my own captions!

    3. LOL! I hear you, Addie! I can't remember if they're 1st, 2nd, or if they'been removed for some reason!

      Thank you, sweetie! And don't apologize, because we all have things that get in the way!