Sunday, August 30, 2015

Looks Like She Could Be

  For "Liz" of "Elizabeth's TG-Captions", whose work back in my days of participating in 'YahfooGroups', (i.e.; 'PossessionObsession' in its various iterations, and other 'BodyHopper'-themed venues), led to my tendancy of leaving 'epELLEogues' as a comment on many other Captioneers' blogs.
  I was somewhat disheartened when I saw that she had mentioned her intention to discontinue caption in the TG/TF-realm, but I'd already found the images for the following caption so, what follows is, sadly, a 'fare-well' and 'thanks-for-the-mammaries' piece, I suppose. (Although, I have seen her comment on others' work since that notification.)
  'Publicly': I apologize to Liz for not keeping in better contact with you, dear. Both of our r-l situations required more emotional attention than our captioning selves could spare, I think.
  Liz; Thank you for all the encouragement and appreciation you've given to so many cappers!

  Anyhow; Here is a piece that was inspired by pics of one of Liz' favorite desires. I hope you, the reader, and Liz 'herself' all enjoy!



  1. Thank you Elle, for such wonderful captions, and also for the beautiful words. I appreciate it, and you still. :) xxx And yes I do still dream of being in Carly's luscious little body, or her friend Zoe's, or Liz;s, lol. xxx

    1. Well, Liz, I believe there are certain desires that people have which, although the may never be realized, are too integral a part of the person to ever be utterly denied or forgotten.

      You are most welcome, dear!