Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Jock-Off JerCondom" Pt.3

  Well, boiz, Gurlz, Boths & Neitherz;
  I'd love to be able to tell you that I've perfected some "She-Rum" formula that would make us all become the sexy sirens we'd like to be! However, the simple truth is that after dealing with some R-L-B-S, my proclivity-for-porn took-over and I've been filling my brain with images of girls I'd like to be... for a while at least! And some into whom I'd like to turn as many of you as I could... if I could!!!
  That being said; Here is a piece I have ready to post for Hewy, the First part you can click here for, and the Second you'll find here!
"Jock-Off JerCondom" Pt.3


  1. "Grabbing the first vibrator I could find I shoved it deep inside me, if only to satisfy the empty space I felt when he left. I gathered what I could of my mental capacity, the part that wasn't consumed by lust and desire, and tried to resist these urges, but that wouldn't last. I think what drove me crazy though was the anticipation of his return, and of course the special treat. What would it be? The mystery excited me, but I wanted to hold onto it, as well as my orgasm, until he returned to me..."

    I love it Elle. I really can't wait to see what the special treat is, and where this caption set goes. Thank you!

    1. No need to wait for me, sweetie! Although, I can just imagine how intense that orgasm will be if you do!