Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Jock-Off JerCondom"; pt.2

  Well, Hewy just loved the first piece SO MUCH that I had to do him a little more! (Sorry, folks, but I cannot help believing that no story ever, truly ends!)
  And, Hewy, I'd LOVE to share that big kiss with you like this!!!
 ("Strap-Offs" are available from my "M.A.M.S. = Mystic Alchemy Massage & Spa" universe.)

"Jock-Off JerCondom"; pt.2 (Open pics in new tab for best zoom)


  1. Oh Elle!!! Yes! Yes! YES!!! I LOVE (T)IT! Thank you again, so very very much. It is everything I desire! :)

    1. Always my pleasure to hit a reader's tender spots, Hewy! Glad you like it, Sweetie! :-x :-x