Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Sneaking In The Back Way"

  Here's a shout-out to Liz, of "Elizabeth's TG Captions" and "Nebula", a couple of friends from my earlier days of capping in YahFoo Groups. A pair of avid body-hoppers and fans of celeb-body-borrowing!
  Been a while since I've done a body-hopper caption and I thought this piece might be fitting in light of tonight's celebrations.
"Sneaking In The Back Way"
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  The best way past tight security is being among the "Authorized Personnel" for whatever whatever event/venue you want to gain entry to. And the best way to do that is being a body-hopper; Like Steven, Jacques and L.J. just happen to be!
The guys hid in the venue's alley to mount three of the "Statue-Runner" models
who would be carrying the gold awards 
on-stage to be handed to the winners.
Of course, to appear natural and get 
through the show without raising any 
suspicions about them belonging there, 
the guys needed to get familiar with 
their new, beautiful, female mounts in 
the hours remaining before the gala, in 
the best way possible! Which is always 
sharing it with another hopper's mount! 
Even if their aim is to mount any of 
the myriad celebrity bodies later, it'll 
behoove the boys to gain intimacy with
their own, and the others', borrowed
bodies by dropping their dresses for a
little, pregame, 'lesbimen' three-way!
So, off came their designer gowns to
reveal the slinky lingerie clinging 'round
the sexy flesh of the unknown models
they'd be wearing in front of millions!
Steven, in the tall brunette, took the
lead and had Jacques' blonde mount out
of 'her' dress in no time! Groping the
perky A-cups while he pressed his B's
against Jacques to whisper in his ear
L.J.'s petite, redheaded form sank in
front of the Frenchman's already damp
crotch, using his teeth to pull off the
flimsy panties covering Jacques' pussy!
The three body-hoppers discussed their plans for the night using their masculine voices, which always added to their arousal while working new mounts to a climax.
Then, after bringing themselves and each-other to orgasm, they'd only speak in the natural voices of their 'back-stage-passes', at least until well-past security!
Three 'ordinary' guys handing Oscars to the stars, and no one would ever notice!

"Tiny titties, Jacques! Upgrading later?"

"Maybe, Steven!
Depends who wins
and who needs a
consolation prize."

"You, L?"

"No red carpet
in here! I'm not
into celebs. I'll
keep this one for
the parties!"


  1. Ooh Elle, absolutelyu delicious idea of getting into the Oscars. I likey. Who's body will I be in later I'm wondering? That's the question, lol xxxx Thank you luv!

    1. Glad that it has you pondering your presence/position/possession to come, Liz!

      Truly, I only planned on this piece so, further potential would surely depend on other factors! :-x:-x:-x

  2. Nebula here. Love the caption! Thanks so much for making it! Can't wait to see what else you'll come up with, Elle.

    1. Thanks for dropping a line, Nebula. I'm glad you like it, Sweetie!!! But with new reg.'s coming soon, and my penchant for using over-the-top text & such, it may not be happening here. :-(