Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Trial-Size Boy-Belle Bath"

  Here's a piece I did recently for Helena over at Rachel's Haven.
  I'm still not having much success at composing things, but this one came together sort of quickly... even with the manipped image on the last page.
  "Trial-Size Boy-Belle Bath"
 Click "Read more" for the whole story, and for best results, open image in new tab then click to enlarge.


  1. If I had a dollar for every time that's happened to me.... well I wouldn't have any...

    Good job! It's a neat idea. I have to wonder if L.J. will help Harm have an orgasm to seal the deal. Given the opportunity and situation I'd would be glad to help. ;)

    1. Well, come now, Hewy, you must have some dollars from other sources but, if not, after this happening you'd surely have a potential source of new revenue!
      And, I thought I wrapped the tale with an unambiguous bang, but if you'd like to help, M.A.M.S. make 'Boy-Belle Bath in a variety of flavors!

      Thanks for commenting, Hewy! I'm glad you like it!!!