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"The Slow Fade" a Cop-Her-Tone tale. Ch.1

  I have not hear a reply from Luke, of Ebony TG captions, since I mentioned wanting to do a transitional piece for 'her'; So, since I was already composing it - and I'm still in the process of doing so - I felt it might be a good idea to post the first part of the story now.
  Luke, I am sorry if this is not your cup of tea, but I do want to try steering some readers to your colorful works of TG-TF Captioning.
  I hope you enjoy; "The Slow Fade" pt,1, p.p. 1-3
 Click "Read more" for the whole story, and open images in new tab to scale up.

  Luke and his girlfriend like to experiment and indulge each-others' sexual fantasies so, when Jenny said she'd found a way for them to explore her curiosity about big, black cock without bringing another man into their bed, Luke was intrigued and eager to find out how a white couple would do something like that.
  Jenny got out a bottle of lotion she bought earlier that day, put on rubber gloves, drizzled a little bit on Luke's pale, six inch penis and started rubbing the lotion in, careful to get it only on his dick and his balls.
  Luke's member began to tingle and throb as it swelled and darkened in color, but Jenny warned they had to be sure it was all absorbed before any contact with other bare skin while Luke watched his manhood get longer & thicker and felt it swell in both size and sensation -not to mention amplifying his need to come!
  The couple oohed & awed at the thick, brown, nine-inch penis protruding from Luke's otherwise normal, pale skin until the thing seemed done growing and the glowing sheen of lotion had been fully absorbed so they could continue their session to enjoy his new stamina and staying-power to their best orgasms ever!
  The next day Luke's gear was back to normal, but Jenny wanted him to know how it would be to go about his gay with that huge, pretty pecker, so they applied the stuff again, got dressed and went to work. For a few days they did the same thing; Great, BBC sex at night and white-boy w/bbc in his pants through the day.
  Luke works 3-1/2-day sifts so he has lots of time off and decided to give Jenny a surprise. He decided to see what being a black man was like and waited for Jenny to leave the house before using the lotion all-over his body... But he was the one shocked as his skin grew smooth. Dark. Feminine! Long hair, pretty face... & TITS?!

  The now familiar dark growth of his manhood continued out from there, turning his pelvis a syrupy shade as his pubic hair, then that of his legs, was taken over by deliciously smooth and sexy skin while his muscles got softer, curvier, more girlish! A pulsing, swelling feeling made Luke more horny as his ass got rounder beneath his wide hips and he grabbed a soft & flabby pair of titties building-up layers under the tender circles which his areolae had expanded into!
  Before he knew it, Luke was in a rutting frenzy, squeezing his supple boobs with manicured hands and rubbing his smooth thighs together with his brown balls pressed between, his thick cock ready to burst loads over the hot, shapely, ebony tranny his white-boy body'd become...
  That's when Jenny got home!

  "Oh- my- ghawd! Luke?! I- is that you, baby?!"
Luke erupted streams of hot,
white jism across his chocolate-
hued, glowing skin; Panting as
he caught his breath and said,
 "I'm me, Jen! But whassup with my body?! Is
that stuff s'posed to do this? I'm, like, a girl!"
  Jenny put a hand at her open
mouth to hide a giggle, saying,
"No question, what's up! You're gorgeous and;
Yes, Luke, that's how the rest of the body the
dick belongs to should look! WAY sexy, babe!"
  Luke absent-mindedly rubbed
his loads into his belly and tits,
glowered critically at Jenny. He
spread arms & legs then asked,
 "The lotion gave me a she-cock? Why, Jenny?"
 "Because, I wanted yours to be
a pretty BBC, Luke! That model
has the one I liked. The stuff is
called 'Cop-Her-Tone', Shugah,"
Jenny replied as she strutted
to his side, stripping en-route,
"and you look too delicious so,
lemme cop-your-bone, Baby!!!"

  Jenny smiled down at Luke's pretty -even as pissed-off as he looked- face, straddled his sexy legs between her own and bent over to kiss him on his full, dark lips as she held his small hands to the chair's arms, then she bent lower to give each of his glistening teats a lick & a suck-pop which made Luke gasp & his nips stiff.
  She then arched her back to make their breasts rub together and sat back on Luke's knees so he could see Jenny's pert, pink nipples begin to dilate & darken and her tit-flesh swell into a pair much like he now had.
  Luke looked alarmed, realizing that the 'Cop-Her-Tone' on him hadn't been absorbed when Jenny started to rub her body on his and she was changing into... He started to protest, but Jenny shushed him by putting a finger to his pretty lips, then she rose some and guided his she-cock into her pussy and descended slowly.
  With his raging chocolate-bar buried in Jenny, Luke was stunned by the erotic juxtaposition of sensations when she leaned in to kiss him and felt her boobs squeezing against his own as she rocked on his she-cock, their smooth thighs rubbing together and his plush, round ass cushioning his light body's slow undulations.
  Luke marveled at how his manicured hands felt on his own tits as he pushed them against Jenny's, and the surreal view, after she leaned back, of looking past them to see his thick dick entering his lovers, tight cunt!
  He didn't notice at first, but Luke looked up to see Jenny dispensing the lotion and rubbing it over herself.

 "No. Jen! Don't make yourself a Tran- nuh- like this! Like... m-ME!"
implored Luke as he watched a
dark hue cover his lover's skin.

 "Don't worry, it doesn't change what it doesn't touch,
and I want your beautiful, brown-sugar-cane where it is
right now, Luke! Maybe 'Luscious' fits you better now!?"
Jenny kept riding his cock and
working the stuff into her skin
as Luke watched her two-toned
body blend into a mocha hue.

 "Oh-okay I- I don't want your pussy to
go away, Jenny! But, I do feel luscious
like this, baby! More sexy than ev-ah,"
he replied as Jenny put down
the bottle then fondled his tits
with her still-oiled hands. Luke
pinched her nipples between
out-stretched fingers, cupping
her pliable, heavy boobs as his
swelled more in Jenny's hands.

 "You sure are that! Now you're pretty all-over, not just
that penis you've been using the last few days, Luscious!
 "And now we're both beautiful, black girlfriends, gUrl!"
  Jenny, to Luke's dismay, suddenly rose from his cock to
strut across the room, posing & giving him a 360 view.
"An' I 'specially wanna see your pretty face right here!"

  Luke had started stroking his she-meat -slick with Jenny's juices- with one hand & groping his tits with the other as soon as she had dismounted to tease him, and at the mention of eating her pussy Luke's tongue did a lap 'round his soft, thick lips before he showered his own tits with spunk while Jenny licked her fat breasts.


  In the past Luke had cleaned his load off Jenny's tits, (just to fulfill her kink), but having his own supple tits that he could pull into reach of his mouth was such an utterly erotic thing that he couldn't resist trying to... And what a rush he felt when his tongue first met his left areola and tasted the slick, salty semen coating it!
  The electric tingles that bolted from his stiff nipple ran down his spine to his scrotum & assaulted his glans in a torrent of regenerated arousal, making him switch to his right teat so the surges amped-up by sucking his own tit with the soft, wet lips of his salivating little mouth while Luke gently squeezed both of his titties.
  Lost in the pure delight of savoring his sensitive breasts, Luke was startled when he felt Jenny's hands on his thigh, parting them to kneel between so she could lube his pretty she-cock with a few, quick schlurps to ready it for wrapping in the creamy cleavage of her enlarged, brown breast-meat as he looked past his own.
  In the last few days Luke had grown accustomed to how the bbc felt and how much Jenny loved the feeling of it; But having the rest of the beautiful body that came with it brought Luke a whole array of sensations he'd never thought possible. And with his lover pressing his pole between her big, brown sugar sacks as he wrapped his shorter, smoother, shapelier legs around her, watching him lick & suck his buxom breasts with an expression of love, adoration and lust he had never seen in her eyes, he felt a new array of emotions too.

  Luke sat up abruptly, gave Jenny a
long, passionate kiss with his luscious {i wonder what this
lips, and excused himself to go potty; feels like for her! i
Amazed at the sensual, feminine way doubt they have
this small, sexy, curvy body moved - lotion to make a
even with a big, hard dick bobbing total change.}
to every step - and jiggled as he left.
  In the bathroom Luke got the first
look at himself in a mirror since he'd
been turned into an ebony she-male
by the 'Cop-Her-Tone' and watched in
fascination as the pretty... person's
movements & expressions reflected
everything he did to & with himself.
  Still, nature was calling, so he went
to the toilet and stood, looking past
his fat, glowing breasts and flat belly,
waiting for his erection to wilt so he
could relieve his straining bladder.

  Luke noticed as he was peeing that he was standing on the balls of his feet and wondered if the model this body was based on spent more time wearing high heels than flats, which also made him curious about what clothes he might like to wear - if he were to spend much time in his currently fabulous, foxy, feminine, form.
  His heart palpitated as he recalled the look in Jenny's eyes and how much more he wanted to do with her while he was she-male. So, Luke tip-toed out to get the lotion -since Jen was waiting in their bedroom- then applied another coat of the 'Cop-Her-Tone' while he watched in the mirror; Hoping it'd last into tomorrow.
  When he sashayed into the bedroom Luke found Jenny sitting no the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs, kissing his way down her body as she watched his pretty face & succulent lips approach her pussy.

  Their sensual, semi-sapphisc sexplorations were the best to-date, and Luke felt like a better lover as Luscious


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      Truly, Fran-.Eddie, I've had an idea for a cap rolling 'round in my brain since I saw your comment on one of "Addie's" pieces, asking for something built around Delia DeLyons! I even sought her images out, but I did not want to step on Addie's open-toe-heels and pre-empt her fulfillment of your request.

      Anyhow, dear; I am trying to get back into the swing of capping after a long & dismal winter. So... bare with me, beautiful, and I'll drop something for/on you soon as I can!


    2. :) I would love to see your Delia DeLions caption.

    3. LOL I'd love to write it, Sweetie, but it's still just images & ideas dangling around in my head.