Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Little Tech SUBport

  Here's a simple format caption to keep you lovelies from giving up on me too quickly.

"A Little Tech SUBport"
  Not long after I posted mention of having problems with my machine these two guys showed up from the Squeak-Gawd. I hadn't even bought my computer there, let alone signing on for any extended service plan, but they just grabbed my chassis and went right to work anyhow! They didn't bring the restore disk that I needed, they I'd have to be re-booted and the supplied some limited-coverage fishnetworks too.
  In no time at all, they had my laptop parted out & spread all-over their faces- um, all-over the place!
  "C'mon, dude! L.J. looks about ready for more having our 'thumb-drives' plugged-into his new, SUB-port, don't you think? And if you'll let us upgrade you with a couple of external mammary-nodes, he sure won't complain about having you plug that HDMI cable into his new hard-drive!"



  1. Replies
    1. Yea!!! Thanks, sweetness! Maybe you & Kelli would like to help 'split the difference?!


  2. Haaaawwwwwtttt. I'd like to see if they can do some consulting on this 'ram' that I bought recently. It always seems to take more force than you'd think to install, you know what I mean?

    1. I'm sure they'd love to help, Chelsea! Keep in mind though, the best connections are made between clean, tight-fitting contacts, sweetie!!! ;-) :-x